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Are you embarrassed to show people your ID photo? - Nope, not even the one I have super short lesbian hair and messed up eyeliner on :>c
Have or would you ever become a cheerleader? - I'm more like football player type I guess XD
What's the longest you've gone without eating? - Not very long, food is good
Out of the bands you listen to, were most of them around before or after you were born? - ...I'm not sure... I guess after.
Does time pass slowly or quickly when you're on the internet? - It changes! But usually veeery fast.
Does the thought of being pregnant gross you out? - Well... Yeah... Though' it depends who I'd be pregnant to but yeahh yggghhh the pain
Are you good at making shadow puppets? - Never been 8'<
Do you enjoy going out to dinner? - Fuck yeah <3
Would you ever go on a cruise ship holiday? - Sure 8D
What's your favorite sea animal? - ....Titanic? Ö3Ö Okay fine, fine... ERRRRRRRRRRR.... PLATYPUS!
Would you rather be a police officer or a criminal? - Both hohoh
Do the majority of your purses look the same? - Wat purses dude? XD
Something that's holding you back from achieving your dreams - Fear >8I
Something you fear more than anything - Losing
Something you wish people would understand - THAT WE NEED NATURE! >8o
Something that keeps you going everyday - Caffeine, ambition
Something you hate that people say - gee 'dunno
Something you wish you could have told that person you never saw again - I.... 'dunno 8I
Something about you that you think will soon change - Haircolor? No idea dude
Something that really sparks your interest - WEEEELLL. I guess I can't say just 'inspiring stuff'? Oh what the hell I said it already, HA!
Anyone ever broken up with you the day after you had sex? - I guess not. Nuuuhhh.
Can you commit to one person? - Sure why not if I'm actually happy with him/her
Could you go the rest of your life without drinking alcohol? - Man, dat would suck 8( I guess, maybe, I'd just get drunk other ways.
You're locked in a room with the person you last kissed, any problems? - Ohhhh not at all, no <3 ...Okay it might get awcward somepoint but pfft- coolio bro
If you had to get a piercing right now, what would it be? - MMMMMMMH tongue! Or eyebrow! Or nipples! Gah! All the choices!
Are you wearing a ring? - A ring yes, not THE ring.
Have you ever walked on the beach at night? - I... have actually!
Do you think it's disgusting when girls get really skinny? - If you mean really, really skinny YES.
What are your plans for Saturday? - I've no idea yet.
Are any of your friends virgins? - Yea I guess I 'dunno
What were you doing at 11:00 last night? -SLEEEEEPING!
Have you ever thought about getting your tongue pierced? - Sure!
What are you sitting on right now? - Dude I'm levitating I'm cool like dat!
You find out your ex is having a kid with someone you don't like, you say? - ....Not cool bro' so not gonna babysit dat.
Would you care if you saw the person you like kissing someone else? - I'd be like What everrrrr~! but yeah I guess I'd be kinda sad. Okay fine I'd be a bit heart broken... BUT ONLY A BIT HEY!
Would you rather have salad or french fries for a side dish? - You can't have hamburger with friggin' salad dude! D8< (well actually you can but yeah)
Which color: orange or red? - Red. I guess...
What's your favorite song by Taylor Swift? Why is that your favorite? - ...Sorry doesn't ring a bell
Last time you got let down? - I've been pretty down lately so it's been while I mean ya have to be up to fall yanno?
Are you lying to yourself about something? - Nuuuuhhhh I'm more like truth junkie
Is your bathroom clean? - Sirpa just cleaned it up so yeah 8D
Who did you last share a taxi ride with? - I... have no clue dude 8'D
What were the last words you said to your dad? - Ciao?
What were you doing at 12 this afternoon? -It's hardly 10am 8<
What did you dress up as for Halloween? - My coolio self UuU
What is your favorite salad dressing? - Something good, geeze, 'dunno!
Song playing right now? - Never wanted to dance by Mindless Self Indulgence
Country or rock?- Dude, ROCK!
Do you look like your sibling(s)? - Don't have any actually.
What make up product do you never use? - Lipgloss?
Do you ever sit with your legs open? - Aaaaall the time
Have you ever been offered drugs on the street? - Funny, no
What is one place you have been to and hated? - Nuuhhh I don't go to such- wait I do MY JOB 8(
Have you ever seen a jellyfish? - I miught have ò3ó
Do you know who Dylan Moran is? - No idea but he sure has a coolio name 8D
What's your favorite kind of soup? - Tomato soup of course u_u
Do you ever put bread in your soup? - Sure
Do you want some soup? - Well that tomato sou pyeah bitch please!
Would you like me to stop asking questions about soup? - Well yeah it is kinda weird
Is there anything in the USB key slots in your computer/laptop? - YES THOSE SLUTS! Slutty slots ahehehe
What advertisements are on your screen at the moment? - None actually
Has anyone ever randomly licked your face? - WHAT I guess not duuude XD
When was the last time you bought a book? - Wullll..... HEY ISN'T DAT A PRETTY CLOUD THERE!?
What question do you hate being asked in surveys? - Name
Are you upstairs or downstairs at the minute? - Lolol upstrairs?
Did anyone ever draw on your face when you were sleeping? - Nope. But ohhhh yesss I think I've done that myself ahahahha
Have you ever done that to someone else? - Lookie up
Have you ever been asked for directions? if so, did you ever give someone wrong directions? - I have, and I GUESSS I've given right directions >:3
What's your favorite brand of chocolate, Galaxy, Cadburys, or Nestle? - Mmmmmmhhhh Valentino?
Are there any farm animals near you? - LLLAMA RIIII! No wait she's a dog damn
Are there any lakes near you? - Pielinen is like 2 kilometres away?
Was there ever a time when you felt absolutely terrified? if so, why? - Suuure dude
Is there any TV show you watch religiously? - Couple o3o
Have you ever been in your local newspaper? - yes xD
Have you ever called your mother ma or mammy? - I guess I've called her ma once in a while o3o
Can you imitate any other accent? - Pfft not really
Does waiting around in airports get on your nerves? - Mnaahhh, just chill bro'
Do you like the window seat or aisle seat on an airplane? - Of course I want the window seat ya retard D8
What is your funniest memory of the 6th contact in your phone? - Theeeeee no idea 8')
Have you ever protested? - Sure!
Have you ever participated in a parade? - I guess I haven't o3o
Are you going to do anything for Paddy's Day? - Nuh.
Were you ever chased by an animal? - A RABBIT ö__ö
Has anyone ever really insulted you? - Sure dude!
Have you ever told an elder to fuck off? - no
Do you ever make banana sandwiches? - O___O No..?
Do you blush easily? - I-! I won't admit anything! No!
Are you single/or taken? - I'm too cool for second grade u3u so yea single no I'm not lonely it's totally cool be alone yeah
Are you happy with that? -WELL YEAH HAHAHAH it's awesome to be alone yeah...!
Do you make the first move or do you prefer it the other way around? - Depends. OKAY FINE I SUCK AT FIRST MOVES SHUDDAP!
What is the most painful thing you've experienced? - 'dunno. o3o Something with horses orrr...
Do you feel guilty about anything? - NO SIR OFFICER SIR IT WAS NOT ME D:
Do you hug someone whenever you see them? - EW GAY
Have you ever been in the accidents and emergency room? - Well yeah, I've been in accidents. And yeah, I've been in emergency room but yeah...
When was the last time you bled? What happened? - I nosebled yeastarday 8<
Is there anyone you know that gives you the creeps? - Well yea kinda
Do you call random objects 'gay'? - Nuh but bitches yeah
Have you ever started talking to someone that you thought was someone else?- I guess I haven't o3o
When you look behind you what catches your attention the most? - Moose antlers


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