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I hate sundaysMaanantai 28.11.2005 02:16

So today is sunday again. Sunday is not my day. I hate it. I always feel tired sick and bad on sunday. Every week. I don´t know why. I always sit alone in my room and make my thoughts. I hope next week on sunday i feel better. I will be then in Rovaniemi with Franzi and visit Lukas and i´m back from Oulu. On saturday i will visit my new family in Oulu and Katja will show me something in Oulu. Franzi will go with my and hold my hand. *shiver* Ok and on sunday and monday we will watching skijumping i think and i hope there will be some nice guys there. I think it will be a funny time in Finland. With Lukas you have always fun.

So now i must 3 days work and then i´m free for all new think i i had no more this bad boss.
Must look what the future will bring. On wednesday Eerika will fly to Kuopio and she let me alone here til chrismas. I miss her, but i wish her a nice time and much fun there. Perhaps we can meet in Lahti next week then. *hope*

So now i must work a bit again ob this boring sunday, because i must go to shopping tommorow morning and i have no time to work then.

See ya


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