Katoin täs vähä aika sit DNAngelin loppuun. Ensi ku olis pitäny itkeä, nii vaa nauroin xD mut kyl sit itkinki... kun Dark ja Krad katos :'( jaja ku Miyamoto Shunichi laulaa ^^

Pitkät hiukset olis kivat xD niitten taakse voi piiloutua xP

Kirjotin joskus Gaiaan One Piecen henkilöistä xD Tässä siis syitä miksi pidän tietyistä henkilöistä (kauniilla enklannin kielelläni) ^^

Why do I like...

1. The Katanas. They are sooo cool! xP
2. He tries his best to be cool, but most of the time Luffy ruins it with his crazy comments xD
3. The headband-thingy. His eyes look so cold then he has it on.
4. His seiyuu has nicely low voice <3 ('thou he can't sing xD )
5. He is really strong! (lol, aren't they all? (x )

1. His legs. I mean how many guys have legs like Sanji? (that sounded a bit wierd xD )
2. His laugh. Listen to this and hear yourselves xD
3. Well, I like blond guys. Got a problem with that? xP
4. He sings wonderfully. Can't help lovin' Moulin Rouge and GIRLS ni Kubittake :D
5. He's had a rough past and still he's the most normal of the Strawhat Pirates xD

1. He. Is. Just. Too. Cool. <3
2. He's kinda sweet, caring for Luffy an all :3
3. He sacrificed his arm to save Luffy. How many would do that? =)
4. He wears a shirt which shows his stomach xD (just kiddin' xD [not])
5. 'Thou he is an important character, they don't show him much and he remains a mystery ^^

1. He's really good at mimicing other people xD
2. He's cool when he gets angry <3
3. He says idiotic things all the time (little like me xD )
4. He says things he shoudn't all the time.
5. Almost every time things get serious he says something stupid and you just can't help but laugh at him xD

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