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NOODLZ ATTACQ !!!Tiistai 31.07.2007 08:14

[Dear god, help those muffins]




noniin, siis siihen varsinaiseen asiaan *krhm*

Vitun mese itikka ei suostu luikkii laitille, vaan pesiyty oikee kunnolla...
ah kuinka makoisaa, harmi etten ole lintu. riittäs ravintoo kaikille 100000000 elämälle
A.K.A 97258619207167687...98913t28976478958754 vuodeks.....muutenki nii vähäruakane.

[ASIA B.//]


I would really like to do in DA that pixel ID thing, I really do.....
oh BUT, NOOOO!! I can't use photoshop at aalll.... isn't that fun, huh huh?

anyone.....hey come oon, I'm trying to be little sarcastic here...
Can't you people take any sarcasm....


[AsiA kuudeskymMEnesneljÄsziljoonastrILjoonas.//]

miks kaikki mikä o hyvää onki pahaa, ja kaikki suuhu menevä oksettaa.....

With loove for allof you: MEEE!!! you all know who me is, right? now you can f*ck off, and even die if that sounds good...

P.S har har

.:Pelkoja:.Maanantai 30.07.2007 15:24


Akrofobia --- korkeat paikat
Araknofobia --- hämähäkit
Bathofobia --- syvyyden pelko
Belonofobia --- neulat
Klaustrofobia --- ahtaat paikat
Demofobia --- väkijoukot
Fobofobia --- pelkäämisen pelko

[korkeet paikat vaan sillo jos olen jossai korkeella ja siitä on vaarapudota ni sillo, tyyliin pareveke ilman kaidetta]
[syvyydenpelko on vähä niin ja näin, jos olen syvällä, vedessä esim, jossai mistä ei pääse suoraan pintaan, saattaa tulla paniikki, merenpohjasukellus jossai luolissa olis iha hirveetä]
[Kyl poru tulee jos joku muhun neulan laittaa vaikkei se satu....säälittävää..]

TOINENKI...eri testi, saman tyylinenMaanantai 30.07.2007 04:26

Your Naruto Name: Mayuko Matsumoto

Rank: Chunin

They think:

Naruto: shes alright, me and her dont talk as much but I have seen her in ramen shops.

Sakura: who? Oh her? She's so quiet and stuff I hardly notice her... except when Sasuke-kun looks at her *gasps* SASUKE-KUN NO!!! DONT FALL FOR HER TRICKS!!!

Sasuke: we talk a lot, but I try not to do that in public because if Sakura or Ino [aka any fangirls] saw me talking to another girl that isnt them theyd throw a fit. I can relate to some things with Matsu-chan [Matsu= short version of Matsumoto] and we have same interests.

Kakashi-sensai: she's quiet, and sometimes it feels as if she's up to something, but maybe its my imagination. She also is very skilled.

Rock Lee: I think she avoids my stare... that must mean shes shy! *blushes then thinks of her*

Tenten: sorry but I dont know her. [Youve avoided attention and so some dont know u]

Neji: she needs to face reality, if she doesnt speak up she wont be heard. She seems to be in the need of rescuing and slightly paranoid.

Gai-sensai: she doesnt act as youthful as the rest of the ninja in the village, I wonder why? *ignores his own statement and rambles on about youth* [XD]

Ino: hmm? I think Ive seen her hanging out with Sasuke-kun once before... oh no! Sasuke-kun, tell me it isnt so! Ill have to deal with her like I deal with billboard head!

Shikamaru: shes more collective of her thoughts, like me... its not a drag to talk to her thats for sure. [GASP! For once it isnt a drag!?!?]

Choji: *to busy eating to answer and walks away*

Asuma-sensai: I dont see her around much, but Ive been told that she's skilled and can take out multiple jonin easily. Thats imposable for a chunin.

Kiba: her scent is scarce in Konoha... but outside the village its almost everywhere... what's she up to?

Akamaru: ...bark? (huh?)

Shino: *ignores and walks away*

Hinata: uhh... *blushing and shy* I dont know her...

Kurinai-sensai: if she can defeat numerous jonin then she must be a jonin herself or higher...

Tsunade: her skills are the only thing that I first noticed her for. She is now training to become a medic-nin also.

Ishizu: Im her sensai, Lady Tsunade told me to teach her how to become a medic-nin, and she is a very fast learner.

Gaara: stay out of my way. *death glare*

Kankurou: I havent seen her around, I wonder if shes avoiding my puppet...

Temari: she almost got on Gaaras bad side, and that could have lead out to a fight, good thing neither of them had the attention to fight also she didnt seem scared of him at all...

Orochimaru: her skills rival Sasukes or higher... she will be the backup if I cannot get Sasukes body... *evil laugh and grin* [twisted bastard...]

Kabuto: *grin* a fellow medic-nin, this'll be fun. *evil grin*

Akatsuki Leader: I have already sent a ninja after her; to retrieve her... her abilities are useful here.

Itachi: I will touchier her with my mangekyou sharingan, her screams will be delectable...

Kisame: no matter how many times my Shark Skin takes away her chakra, she always manages to revive it... how? [congrats! U have chakra control to da max!]

Tobi: I just joined Akatsuki, and now Leader is making some one else join just like that? Ill kill her for that. [he tried really hard to join Akatsuki, and it took a while]

Sasori: my puppets scare her *evil grin*

Zetsu: if I devour her, will I gain her abilities?

Deidara: she's so seriouse, a couple of tricks and some clay bird bombs might lighten up her mood.

Unnamed Member: *stares at person interviewer*

Well youre quiet, yet powerful. People dont want to mess with you. Face it, youre just that strong!

TESTIN tein, tää on mitä sain Maanantai 30.07.2007 04:05

They think...

Naruto: She's a cool friend and Id invite her to eat ramen with me, though she can scare me at times.

Sakura: I dont like her; she's stealing Sasuke-kun away from me! I dont understand why he likes her so much. Ill kill her if she touches him again, even though I know Id loose in a fight against her.

Sasuke: She's a good friend, and she's a lot quieter than Sakura-chan and Naruto-baka. Maybe if I get to know her more we can be more than friends.

Kakashi: She is a strong and powerful student; she thinks like a strategist and takes steps carefully. Shes on the right track to becoming a great ninja.

Ino: She needs to seriously stop talking to Sasuke-kun or else! He's mine! And besides Im way more beautiful than her! How dose she even get his attention???

Shikamaru: We have a lot in common, and she's very attractive, but its such a drag that other guys are after her.

Choji: *to busy eating to answer* Huh? Oh her? She's cool!

Shino: Shes nice and doesnt criticize me for having bugs that live in my body. She also is not squeamish around my bugs, and they seem to like her as well.

Hinata: Shes my best friend and tries to get me and Naruto together all the time. She's not shy like me. She's such a great friend.

Kiba: She has a very attractive body, and personality. She plays with Akamaru a lot and she has a nice scent.

Akamaru: Bark barr bark bar!

Neji: She is a formidable opponent, and fast. She is easy to get along with. Some day I wish to defeat her in a sparing match.

Tenten: Shes gotten Neji-kuns attention and hes recognized her as an opponent. Maybe I can learn something from her as well.

Rock Lee: She is full of energy and loves a good sparing match. She is lovelier than Sakura-chan, and a lot of boys seem to adore her but I wont give up.

Might Gai: She is full of life and takes life to the fullest. She is strong and able to stand up to Neji and Lee. I believe that she will be a great kunoichi.

Temari: At first I didnt know what to think of her but after a while of talking Ive come to the conclusion that she's a honest friend and one of those real people.

Kankurou: She's hot and I wonder if shell like my puppet? I wonder when Ill b able to talk to her when all of those fan boys arent around.

Gaara: Shes nice and hasn't judged me like others have. She is my friend now and she is very helpful. I respect her.

Leader of Akatsuki: She would make a fine addition to the Akatsuki when she becomes older.

Itachi: She is someone I would rather be around than some of the other Akatsuki members. She dose not rush into battles like some I know.

Kisame: I would like to tear her up with my Shark Skin, her charka is desirable.

Deidara: I would like to get closer to her, yeah. She is an art piece that I wouldnt mind having last forever, yeah.

Tobi: I wonder what shed think of my mask.

Zetsu: I will saver her taste when I devour her dead body.

Orochimaru: Maybe she can be more useful to me than Sasuke-kun. *evil smirk*

Kabuto: I would like to play medic-nin with her, if Orochimaru-sama doesnt kill me. [Yes he's perved too]

Well, youve caught all of the guys attention, and all those fan boys must keep you in shape, yeah?

PAU!Sunnuntai 29.07.2007 20:30

Ensimmäiset viisi ihmistä, jotka ilmoittautuvat kommentoimalla tähän viestiin, saavat minulta jotain itse tehtyä. Jotain kivaa, mitä odottaa tulevaksi postissa. Odottamaan voikin joutua jonkun aikaa, joskus ei vaan millään ehdi tehdä kaikkea haluamaansa. Huomaathan, että tätä varten tarvitsen myös postiosoitteesi (sen voi lähettää sähköpostitse/YKSÄRIL myöhemmin).

Juttuun on tietysti pienoinen koira haudattuna - Nimittäin jos ilmoittaudut, täytyy sinunkin laittaa tämä sama teksti blogiisi ja antaa hyvän kiertää.

ps. jos joku ny kuollakseen viel viien jälkeen haluaa, ni keksii hyvän syyn ni toki väsään x''3

KOULU X _______ XLauantai 28.07.2007 03:38

rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:26):
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:28):
mä en tie mikä mun kurssi tarjottimeni on @________@ tai mä en kirjottanu sitä muistiin ja nyt mä löysin yhen täält opinto-oppaast enkä tie onks se se oikee...
ShinShin sanoo (0:28):
o _ o
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:29):
31 kurssii...kuulostaa oikeelt..
ShinShin sanoo (0:29):
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:31):
siin seuraaval sivul on se lukujärjestys homma niin mä sillon vahingos laitoin melkeen kaikki vääriin paikkoihin ja yritin sit korjata, mut nyt se on ihan suttune >____>
ShinShin sanoo (0:31):
> _ >
ShinShin sanoo (0:31):
mulle tulee angsti ko puhutaa koulusta
ShinShin sanoo (0:31):
missä mu opintoopas ees on
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:31):
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:32):
siel hyllys!! Siin manga hyllys!
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:32):
ainaki viimeks oli
ShinShin sanoo (0:34):
rakastan sua
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:35):
: DD
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:35):
mäkin sua!
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:35):
oliks se siel??
ShinShin sanoo (0:35):
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:35):
rusakkorusinapunkkarihomo~ sanoo (0:35):
ShinShin sanoo (0:35):
yleisesti äidiltä pyydetään rahaa vaatteisiin, heseen, meikkeihin tyylin jne...

Ä: no.
L: ÄÄIII~tiiii!
L: äääitiiiiii~~
Ä: Älä mangu siinä vaa sano, hmph
L: ......tarviin rahaa
Ä: no mihe ny täl kertaa
L: tarvin koneesee uuen hiiren, ja sit tarvin jatkarin...kaiuttimetki olis iha kivat...
Ä: ... no joo, kattoo sit joskus, sen jatkarin saatat saada.
L: niii... mut koska....
Ä: katotaa sitä huomen.
L: ok, kiitos.