justs gots home n i been, dwrinkhing fow d last twenymany hojurs n yet i sill magnedged to go to scool todaaaa inbetwixt beers, gotsa gets me my edumacation :p dats dededededeictaionms n noww m giong to hav a shoooowwer with my friend mr rubby duckkie n go out forr mor boooze or boobs whichev er may cums firsties.wuz finkins abooot u all nite afer d fonecallie n btw my jonnnywonnyronny heard muahahahhahahahahahhaha he has such a tiny chicostick, i want ur COCKinsted!!!!!!!!!but if u bcum a nun then u cant fcuk me :( i want u to fckk me allll day n all oppsit of day; u no i thjnk we r souldmatez wat u think?? lalalala our titsmak bootidful soul music togther lalalala u shud b myyy babie n my barbie n my nun n my gf all in one like conditioner n shampoo, m in sooo much pain, i made the bananarama with a big banana n i thinkhe broke my speciel place :( will u fix it fro moi??
(.)(.) ur tits wanna meet my tits in a darkk lalley n have crazy tit sexuntim mrning lets takl abou sex baby lets talc bout u n me lets abouuuuut sexxxxxx

earth callibng, the marshan warned me to tell u that aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh its too late they goit meeeee NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

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