I'm sorryTorstai 04.05.2006 04:49

I keep trying to
figure this out..
Can't stop thinking about
I want to tell you
you need to know, to find
away to take me back.
Just listen to me
I'm sorry for the things
that I didn't say, all
times I made you go away
this fear in love
has turned me the wrong
I want to make it right
Please,give me one more

I'm here, Your there,
but together we're not.
Your voice I wanna here,
Your lips I wanna feel,
Your body I wanna touch,
but your so far away.
But your in my dreams
touchin' me, holdin' me,
making everlasting love
like it's the last.
It feel so real,
like your there in my bed
kissing me making me
feel good inside,
whispering "I love You",
then the tears roll down
as I wake and see
your not there it was just
the moment...

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