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[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 23.03.2008 01:17

Life is to short to wake up
in the morning with regrets

So love the people who treat you right
forget about the ones who don't

And believe that everything happens
for a reason

If you get a chance,take it
if it change your life,let it

Nobody said it would be easy
but it might be worth it...

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 19.03.2008 18:55

Koska katsoit tämän merkinnän,niin sinun tulee lukea se nyt kokonaan, sillä tämän avulla saat tietää mitä SINULLE tapahtuu huomenna on hyväksi (;) sinulle tulevana perjantaina!

Huominen tulee olemaan elämäsi
paras päivä. Ihastuksesi pyytää sinua ulos.

Ja mitä perjantaihin tulee: SAAT perjantaina suudelman elämäsi rakkaudelta,eli häneltä.

Mutta, jos sinä et kopioi tätä nyt päiväkirjaasi, niin pelkään pahoin, että et saa tuota suudelmaa ja
sinulla tulee olemaan huono onni rakkaudessa koko loppuelämäsi ajan. :(

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 03.11.2007 21:30

Facing twenty thousand of your friends
How can anyone be so lonely
Part of a success that never ends
Still I'm thinking about you only
There are moments when I think I'm going crazy
But its gonna be alright
Everything will be so different

So Ill be there when you arrive
The sight of you will prove to me I'm still alive
And when you take me in your arms
And hold me tight
I know its gonna mean so much

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 27.02.2007 20:41

If I say I want you back
Would you turn around and say you want me too

There's so much I wanna tell you
I've changed so few

But I don't know what to say or do
I believe it's to make a new start

Could it be
That in long
And I was so wrong
When I realized
And turned around that you were gone...

I'm sorryTorstai 04.05.2006 04:49

I keep trying to
figure this out..
Can't stop thinking about
I want to tell you
you need to know, to find
away to take me back.
Just listen to me
I'm sorry for the things
that I didn't say, all
times I made you go away
this fear in love
has turned me the wrong
I want to make it right
Please,give me one more

I'm here, Your there,
but together we're not.
Your voice I wanna here,
Your lips I wanna feel,
Your body I wanna touch,
but your so far away.
But your in my dreams
touchin' me, holdin' me,
making everlasting love
like it's the last.
It feel so real,
like your there in my bed
kissing me making me
feel good inside,
whispering "I love You",
then the tears roll down
as I wake and see
your not there it was just
the moment...

The weekPerjantai 07.04.2006 05:31

The Week

The week
Was that best week of my life?

The week
You made me happy

You made me love

You made believe there
Was more

I thought you felt the same about me but then
It crashes down on me
And then I found
Out you didn't

The Week
The week you made me
The week you made me
See what I really felt

The week I thought someone loved me for me

I Miss YouKeskiviikko 08.03.2006 05:26

Everyday I wish you were here with me.
It hurts that you can't be.
If I could turn back the hands of time,
you'll still be mine.

Everyday I wish I could have known you better,
so I cherish the time we had together,
instead of thinking of you been gone,
while I'm here all alone.

Everyday I wish I could call you,
So that I could have someone to talk to,
but you don't want that anymore,
so I need to forget about you...

Death crossed your path..Keskiviikko 08.03.2006 05:05

As the night lower its darkness over the world,
The creaturs is awakening.
Their blood thurst is not of this world,
And their ability to kill is allmost inpossible.
If your not carefull when you walk the woods at night.
You will be the one they take next.
They will tear you up, and feed on your flesh.
You can beg, you can cry.
No one will come to save you.
You are on your own in the claws of death.
You can´t fight back, You can´t get free.
Your destiny was chosen, death crossed your path.
One last wish leaves your lips.
You wish for home and all whats there.
But you will never see it again....
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