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[Ei aihetta]Torstai 13.12.2007 12:09

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, hide-sama ;___; <3

Toshi - Kimi wa inai ka

Laughing with joy beneath the vast blue sky
Running across friends of deep, deep green
Far beyond the hills I can see it …the home of my heart
Oh, where have they gone, those happy, carefree days?
Oh~ living to the fullest, life as it was meant to be
Where are you now, my dear precious one
Though there were times when you felt lonely
You never let your feelings show
As time goes by, I wonder if you’re still there
Oh~ words just don’t have the power to express
How you never let go of your beliefs
You’d put yourself out on the line, even risking your own life
Who are you watching over now, ever faithful, ever true.

Rather than spend time chasing elusive dreams
A pure and simple life is all I need
I want to look out over the horizon, and see you shining on the wind
In peace and harmony in the arms of Mother Nature
Oh~ Living with regrets for those lost days of youth
Don’t you think you’re sacrificing your real self
You who always jumped straight in, without ever looking back
As time goes by, I wonder where you have gone

Oh~ (Tell me)Are you still there?
Tell me, tell me , are you still there?
Though you were hurt so much, you never gave up believing
Though you were hurt so much, you never gave up loving

Are you still there within me?

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