The Dawn of Battle~~!Lauantai 13.05.2006 13:04

Dreadful thunder
The storms moving in
And judgment day is calling
My soul has been healed
By the power of steel
And the sound of glory
I will send into the ground
All that are found
By the sign of the hammer falling
Yes, heathens will fall
I will strike down them all
Then you will know my calling

I will rise up from the chaos, I will rise up from the grave
A brother to the darkness, a master to the slaves
I am the soul descendent of the fire and the rage
I was wrought upon the Earth, born to rule and battle wage
By the total domination of the world in my command
By the air and the water, by the fire and the land
I give no explanation, I was branded by the will
Bringer of death and destruction to all that I now kill

Let my journey begin so all shall understand
That if I fall, I will live again

tj 23.

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