Catch the Sun, before it`s gone.

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I see a thousand corridors
And I've walked through them all
Nowhere an open door

I'm imprisoned by my love
Who is chained by the fears
Affection tombed in the tears

There's a part of me that just won't take the pain
There's a part of me that just wants to burst in the flames
And break all the chains

Take a shot
Of my poisonous blood
I've got a fever and it won't drop
As long as you're in my life
Take a shot
Of my poisonous blood
I'm a fever, I'll burn you up
So you'd better speed me out of your life

I'm the farewells that tears you apart
The deceit that sucks the life
Out of your cold heart

Duality's a sin for me
Rush to the arms of solitude
It's the only cure



Cut me out of your life
I wanna see you free of all the hurt
That I have caused you

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