Oon tulossa Suomeen! 29.7 - 12.8!


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SuomiiiiiiiiiiiiPerjantai 19.02.2010 19:00

Hey everyone, i'm coming to Finland from 25.2 - 1.3 and I wanna see as many of you as possible! Give me a comment/e-mail/sms if you wanna hang out :-).

Extreme sisu from Juha.Sunnuntai 01.11.2009 18:42

- And I would stand and fight the whole world for you -
ISDE Portugal, Day 3 :-(.
- And I would stand and fight the whole world for you -

-Sunnuntai 01.11.2009 18:21

Juha ja mä <3

Juha ja mä

-Tiistai 15.09.2009 16:44

Where did you come from baby?
And oooh, won't you take me there?
Right away, won't you baby?

Nothing can stop this burning desire to be with you
Gotta get to you baby
Won't you come? It's an emergency.

Hyvä Mika!! :-).Maanantai 07.09.2009 06:00

-Keskiviikko 02.09.2009 05:57

Cool LyricsPerjantai 21.08.2009 07:33

I don't know what's gonna happen to you baby, but I do know that I love you.

Kiitos TomiLauantai 15.08.2009 15:50

Olen VIP. Oooooh yeah.

-Keskiviikko 01.07.2009 01:06

Vittu saatana perkele.

Coming home.Tiistai 16.06.2009 04:54

Hey everyone! I'm gonna be in Finland from 30.7 - 13.8 so anyone who wants to see me then please give me an sms/e-mail/comment/call. I wanna see y'all this time! :-D. I love you guys!
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