Oon tulossa Suomeen! 29.7 - 12.8!

Taas!Keskiviikko 29.04.2009 04:59

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 14.04.2009 06:40

Friends!Perjantai 10.04.2009 06:42

Hey everyone, how are you all? I need a big favour from one of you....can someone buy the latest copy of Veikkaaja magazine with the article about Mika Kallio and send it to me? I can pay you next time I see you! I'd love you so much (actually, I probably do already) :-P.

OMG, JuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTiistai 31.03.2009 05:30

Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, Juha. Who wants to Photoshop me over that guy on the right? :-P
I can't even look at this pic without nearly exploding from lust :-|.
Yes, i'm sure you all wanted to know that :-P.
Who wants to Photoshop me over that guy on the right?

-Sunnuntai 01.03.2009 15:43

I would live here if they would let me have pets :-(.

-Sunnuntai 01.03.2009 14:58


<3Lauantai 14.02.2009 16:48

Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille!

MoreMaanantai 19.01.2009 06:16

Yeah decency, she done left our home
On her rollerskates, so I guess she's pretty far gone
Left me with my greed, to answer for my own
For how could a deadened sense tell right from wrong

So thanks for nothing, I ain't feeling the magic
Kinda comic how I got tragic
Mirror mirror on the wall
What do you give someone who has it all?

More, just to be sure
I got what I wanted, so naturally I want more
What I paid for, entertain me now
All I want is more, 'cos I like it
Too good to let it go, keep it coming
Cos I want more, cos I'm not sure
What I really wanted, suffice to say I want more.

Yeah modesty, her rule now overthrown
Packed her teddybear, so as not to go alone
Left me with my pride to live beneath a stone
For how could an amputee ever pick a bone

So tell me something, isn't this a bit drastic?
My smiles are turning to plastic
Mirror mirror on the wall
What's the secret for staying droll?

You know it isn't particularly funny
Killjoy walks in just when it's turning sunny
Killjoy lives like it's all about the money
All about the money, all about the money
All about the money, all about the money

Moomin.Torstai 08.01.2009 05:38

Your breath, hot upon my cheek, and we crossed that line. You made me strong when I was feeling weak and we crossed that time.

:-( buu huuPerjantai 02.01.2009 04:34

I need to be a V.I.P, I have new pics :-(.