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Misu the magical snailTiistai 18.04.2006 05:58

Well, Tomi thinks i'm mad but Misu my snail (as seen in the 'My Pets' section of my pics) died today. Usually I don't take any notice of my snails because I bring about 5 in from the pond and then they die within about 6 months, but Misu was special because he/she lived for probably about a year. I called he/she Misu because it means 'ripples on the water' and Misu was always feeding near the top of the fishtank and saying hi to my cat Mika, as seen in this pic:
(You can see Mika's whiskers)

So Misu was cool, and he/she died a very slow and possibly painful death today. I will get another snail in next weekend. Misu R.I.P
I'm so glad someone has the time to make these :-D I love talking about myself :-P

The Basics

What is your full name? Georgia Kate Eleanor Wells :-O

When and where were you born? December 19th in Salisbury (south of England)

are you the oldest, youngest,middle, or only child? Youngest

if you have siblings, what are they're names and ages? Chloë (19) and Alexander (17)

Do you have any pets? If so what are they and what are their names? I love pets :-D. I have two cats: Mika and Magnus. Three fish: Vedder Hendrix, Fender Hammett, and Lemmy. And one snail: Misu. My next cat will be called Samuli-Ishtar.

What are your parents names? Shut up


Food? Music :-P

Soda? Uh...lemonade I guess :-S

Drink besides soda? Water, Cranberry juice.

type of music? Metal, Industrial, Reggae, and Rock mainly.

place to be? Anywhere out in the countryside.

person to talk to? Probably Gaz or James

type of money(eg. coins, bills, checks, credit cards) and why? I like all money :-|

color? Orange, blue, and black I think.

shape? Dunno :-S

computer/video game? All the GTA games :-D they rule.

early memory? Playing with a plastic doll when I was two.

recent memory? Not telling :-P

dream you've had? I've had lots of nice dreams :-P

celebrity and why? Trent Reznor probably because his lyrics are amazing.

type of jeans? I love all jeans. Not very goth :-P.

Type of shoes? My boots


What are you wearing right now? Jeans, Metallica hoodie, green t-shirt

what time is it? 13:38

where are you? My house. Duh :-P

what are you doing besides this? Listening to the news.

what did u do today? Had a shower. That's all so far.

have you told someone you loved them today? No.

have you hugged someone today? Yep

have you kissed someone today? Nope


Do you have a crush? Yeah

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Nope

do u love anyone? Yes

are you in love? He doesn't love me anymore.

do you believe in love at first sight? Not really, only lust.

what do you look for in someone before you can love them? Good taste in music, Scandinavian blood :-P

do u find drugs and drinking attractive or disgusting? Neither really.

do you think that guys/girls that do drugs and drink are cooler then people that dont? They're supposed to be.

does your boyfriend/girlfriend do drugs or drink? Fuck off

if no, would you break up with them if they started? No

Guys on Girls

do you prefer:

dresses or skirts?

sneakers or high heels w/ jeans?

dark or light eyes?

dark or light hair?

tan or pale?

athletic or not?

short or tall?

skinny or normal?

long or short hair?

long or short nails?

nails painted or not?

Girls on Guys

Jeans or shorts? Jeans

hair long or short? LONG!!!!

perverted or prude? Perverted

shy or outgoing? Don't mind

funny or nice? Both :-P

dark or light eyes? Light

dark or light hair? Don't mind

overly obsessed with sports or overly obsessed with girls? Neither is good


Are you a virgin? Fuck off

Do you do drugs? Nope

Have you done drugs? Nope

If yes, would you do it again? Nope

Do you drink? Nope

Have you drank? Nope

If yes, would you do it again? Nope

Have you ever cheated on someone? Yeah

Have you ever used someone of the opposite sex? Not really

Have you ever used a friend? Nah

Have you ever stood up a friend to be with a guy/girl? Yeah

Have you ever lied to your parents about something important? Not that I can remember

Have you ever done something that your parents told you not to do? Who hasn't?


Who are/is you bestfriend(s)? Haven't got many friends. But I can't choose a best out of the few I have.

when was the last time you seen them? Today

can you act yourself around your friends? Of course

do your friends respect you? Don't know.

do you respect your friends? Yes.

do you go to the same school as your friends? I don't go to school, dipshit :-P

do you hang out with your friends outside of school? Uh, yes :-P

School Life

What school do you go to? Fuck off

About how many people do you have in your school? Fuck off

what classes do you have? Fuck off

do you get good grades? Fuck off

what sports do you play? Fuck off

The Ending Questions

Did you get extremely bored filling out this survey? Actually it wasn't too bad.

Did you learn anything new about your self or any of your friends from filling this out? Nope

Did it entertain you? Nope

Are your friends going to be mad at you for sending it? I'm not sending it, just posting it on here and my Myspace so no-one's legally allowed to get mad.

:-DMaanantai 10.04.2006 18:20

STOP! Hammer time!!

:-OLauantai 01.04.2006 07:02

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :| I have an IRC profile and no finnish skills.
Thanks to Satu for paying and Taru for her excellent translations, work on 'Paint', and patience :-) :-P

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