yht'äkkiä ikävöin kaikkia

Oceans shape the sides
Touching down in the spaces
Soaking from a warm goodbye
An early rise offers kindly

Tonight I sleep to dream
Of a place that's calling me
It is always just a dream
Still I cannot forget what I have seen
The crowd's hard to believe
At their faces I'm looking
But your feet I'm following
In soft steps on a path the way you lead

I don't want to lose myself
It's a whisper
It's a funny thing
We fold like icicles on paper shelves
It's a pity to appear this way

You're flying when your foreign eyes
Trace the heights of the city

With rocks and clouds we breathe
Violent skies
A shock to my own body
Speech is wild
Alive sacred and sounding
From across and beyond, oh far beyond

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