i'm still in love with the illusion

Dedicated to you know who. <3Torstai 20.12.2007 01:23

As you hold me close to your heart in your harms caressing me so tightly and never letting me go.
Like I was the only who matters in your life.
As I Look up at you into your eyes.
I feel tears of happiness fall down from my face rolling down my cheeks.
As each one falls
I just think of you and me
together forever we will be.
As you see me cry you know its true
when I say "I Love You."
You Look deeply into my eyes.
With the sweet silence of your voice
You whisper "I Love You Too."
Coming closer to my lips,
You gently kiss mine. Like a kiss that we will never forget.
Like it was our very first time.
Mine and your heart felt so complete.
For forever we will be together in your arms,
Never letting go.


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