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:sad:Perjantai 11.06.2010 20:05

<Thyella> ihme ettei mua sillon alkuaikoina bannattu
<Thyella> paitsi taalla ku kannatin kreikkaa 2004
<Thyella> mut tuolla foorumilla siis
<aanri> mikäs tää kreikkajuttu oli :D
<Thyella> no oliks ne ne EM-kisat
<Thyella> ku huusin taalla taysilla et H ELLAS, PREPEI NA NIKHSEI
<Thyella> tai vastaavaa
<Thyella> :p
* rabella asettaa bannin *!*siru@*
* rabella potkaisi sinut kanavalta #f1_forum-vapaa (no reason).

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 03.08.2009 06:59

Siru ama cucciolo!

Giovanni: eppure dotto secondo me ne ha fritti di polpi! (ora voglio vedere chi sarà in grado di fare la traduzione pratica di questa frase)
Nicola: trmò
Giovanni: vai vai, traduci
Nicola: non si capisce il soggetto della tua frase
Giovanni: Dotto
Nicola: eh? e cmq tra callara e callara non si tingono
Giovanni: eh, traduci pure questo se sei capace
Siru: O_O
Giovanni Ruggiero: ma non parlavamo dei sette nani di biancaneve?
Nicola Ruggiero: no, e la situazione sta diventando anche imbarazzante
Giovanni Ruggiero: scusa cucciolo
MariaTeresa: asd
Nicola: ˝_¨
MariaTeresa: siiiete fantastiiiciii!!!!
Nicola: chi?
Siru: :D :D :D :D
MariaTeresa: Cip e Ciop!!! XD (io sono stata adottata eh!)
Nicola: tu sei degna fratella "Ciup"!

You know you're an Irish dancer when...Perjantai 12.06.2009 06:10

-It feels weird pointing your feet forward.
-Duct Tape is the ultimate accessory.
-You vehemently insist that Irish dance is a sport.
-Your hardshoes are held together with duct tape and superglue.
-Every linoleum and hardwood floor is completely irresistable... one treble won't hurt...
-you keep quiet on the rare occasion that irish dancing comes up in conversation because you know that minute you say you know how to dance you'll be asked to do a jig.

You know you're from Finland when...Perjantai 12.06.2009 05:58

-You don't eat Sininen lenkki sausage while you´re in Finland but when you go abroad, you miss it.
-You know what Marimekko is.
-You have Marimekko at home.
-You feel proud when you see Marimekko abroad, in a movie, etc..
-Nokia is better than Ericsson.
-Fazer is the best chocolate in the world.
-The most important thing is to beat the Swedes, not win the whole competition.
-You don't wear shoes inside your home.
-You always avoid sitting next to a stranger on public transport
-Silence is fun.
-You rummage through your plastic bag collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to garbage.
-You associate pea soup with Thursdays
-You know that more than three channels means cable
-You get all Swedish jokes
-When you're hungry you can peel a boiled potato like lightning
-No journey is too long to get cheap alcohol

You know you're an alto when...Perjantai 12.06.2009 05:45

-You can sing along with the alto harmonies in all of your favorite songs.
-You love singing the bass and baritone parts in a choir song.
-Songs sound 'empty' and 'boring' with just a melody.
-If a song doesn't have harmony... you make your own!
-You argue with sopranos about who has the harder part to sing.
-You get offended when someone says that being an alto is easy just because they don't have to sing high.
-You secretly want to laugh when sopranos practice their high G and don't hit it within the first 4 tries.
-You insult your siblings in Latin, and get away with it, because your parents have no idea what you said.
-You made togas for your Barbies.
-Mention of the Spartans is bound to provoke a negative reaction. Anyone who praises them is clearly an enemy of democracy. TRAITORS!
-You can actually pronounce the names "Gaius Julius Caesar" and "Pompeius Magnus" correctly *and* are able to give a recap of why they turned from friends to enemies.
-When in the voting booth, you write in the name Gracchi. You then complain because you think your tribe should have voted before all the other people standing in line.
-You feel the need to conquer new lands, merely to add another descriptor to your name. Africanus, anyone?
-You compare your significant other to one of your ancient heroes, and find them lacking.
-When you say "It's all Greek to me" it means you completely understand something.
-You drop Latin phrases into essays, casual conversations...and drunken texts/phone calls.

Islannin kevatSunnuntai 03.05.2009 08:25

vttu kun vtuttaaLauantai 25.04.2009 04:35

Taa on taas naita paivia ku ois vaan voinu suosiolla nukkua pois.

\o/Tiistai 03.03.2009 22:46

[18:53] <Thyella> hola
[18:53] <Thyella> irkkaan kirkossa
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