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HEY HEATHER - FEMMAGAALATiistai 17.01.2012 14:04

Linkkiä klikkaamalla pääset äänestämään poikia femmagaalassa! Ei tarvii ku nimi, sähköposti ja perustelut ja homma on siinä :)

Maanantai 16.01.2012 11:27

Day Eleven - Minute

.Sunnuntai 15.01.2012 22:02

Kai sitä vois musiikkii kuunnella myös, mut tää on kiinnostavampi!

Tiistai 10.01.2012 15:06

Asioita, joita ilman en vois elää.


.Maanantai 09.01.2012 15:09

1: Pistä mediasoittimesi sekalaiselle
2: Kopioi lempikohtasi 20:stä soivasta kappaleesta.

1. Never say goodbye, Never be alone, Never say goodnight, Never say die.. (The Rasmus - Immortal)

2. I wish that I could stop your tears from falling down
Probably I'd make it worse (Dead By April - Sorry For Everything)

3. Mut tuntuis vaikeemmalta jos ei silmiin pystyis katsomaan omaa vihollistaan. (51Koodia - Lasimaailma)

4. How could I be a warrior when there's no war for me to fight?
How could I be a hero when there's no one left to save?(Automatic Eye - Ronin)

5. Always out looking for something, Ready to find almost anything, Everybody was running oh so fast. (The Giant Leap - Remember)

6. I'm fine with all that I have left, I'm trying to live with it every day, Doesn't help to Kiss and Run (Sunrise Avenue - Kiss'n Run)

7. My Heart Is Wild And Free Because Its Eazier To Be. ( Deep Insight - Sucker For Love)

8. You look at me threw clouded eyes. I know you can see threw my lies. See the sky, see the stars. All of this could be ours. (Escape the fate - Something)

9.Choose your natural side and all you touch will turn to gold tonight (Traffic island - Elvis in movies)

10. And there's nothing wrong with me. This is how I'm supposed to be. In a land of make believe. That don't believe in me (Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia)

11. This time, time is all i have. This is where i wanted be, this is where i stand... (Hey Heather - Sunday Morning Breakfast)

12. I'm beginning to lose control. I need to know, I need to know. You're beginning to lose control ( The Audition - The running man)

13. So put your hands up high.and reach for the skyline. got everything i need but i want you. ( Her Bright Skies - Heartbreaker)

14. I fear nothing. But the fact that I 'm afraid of everything ( Sunrise Avenue - Choose to be me)

15. Olen valmis. kuljen nyt läpi ihmisvilinän. kaikki tapahtuu kuin
hidastettuna ja korvissani kuulen laulun enkelten. (Pariisin Kevät - Imatrankoski)

16. No hurricane can move me. Earthquakes can't shake me. I will always stand my ground. Always be around (Dead By April - Inconparable)

17. Let me breathe and take my space 'Cos everything is, everything's OK. If you let me breathe (Madcraft - Let Me Breathe)

18. Won't look back, When I say goodbye. I'm gonna leave this a hole behind me, Gonna take what's mine tonight. (Simple Plan - When I'm Gone)

19. I'm wondering how you feel. Do you ever think of me. When you're touching someone else? (Negative - Believe)

20. Näytin jehoville keskisormea ja maalasin silmät mustalla..(Pasa - Outolintu)

Tiistai 03.01.2012 16:44

Mina rakasta

Et uskalla kattoa.Lauantai 31.12.2011 23:21


┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

i will do it....






I will.....




(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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