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Beyond redemptionMaanantai 01.06.2009 15:28

From the womb I grew light was something for me so new
Never did I believe that something else than poison I would spew
Yet then it came, like a freezing wind from the moors with its enchanting scent
An angel of doom with carnage in mind, anything but from heaven sent
It took my hand and lend me it's strength and wings to take on the forbidden land
The claws that grew from my fingers were like nothing you have seen
From the deepest abyss in the forgotten ocean they were forlorn, never to return to the sea
The wings on my back were stolen from Gabriel himself, the messenger of God
To me this was all so obscure and unseen, yet nothing of this seemed odd
As the angel slowly faded away into the dark forest it whispered to me
"Close your eyes and you will see what you can truly be.."
I did what I was told and let everything go and sank deep into my dream
The beauty of mayhem bewildered my mind, all I could hear were the Sirens' scream
As I awoke to the new world it would seem that time had passed with utmost speed
New cultures and species all around, for the vultures to feed upon the new creed
Redemption in my heart and revenge on my mind I went to look for what I could not find
Before my time it was so clear to me yet after my sleep it all became so obscene
This gift wasn't a blessing from above, it wasn't a deliverance of love
It was the gift of revolution of this new world, a chance to make it right
Right in the mind of the wicked, so wrong in the mind of the ignorant
The time has come to step up, and change the way the planet revolves
Make a difference, make a change, to the sickness called mankind erase
Hail the revolution of the incarnation, I am your awaited Messiah
The Antichrist of you're least wanted desire
Apocalypse to man I bring, let the pendulum swing and the agony begin

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