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I'm outta hereTiistai 26.01.2010 10:35

Joo, kyllä mä taidan lopetella tätä Irc-gallerian käyttöä, kun Facebook ja elämä ovat vieneet aika tehokkaasti alaa täällä käymiseltä.

Jätän profiilin kuvineen kuitenkin roikkumaan (ellei ylläpito joskus poista kun olen ollut liian kauan kirjautumatta sisään) muistoksi wanhoista hyvistä ajoista.

List of scary gamesMaanantai 11.05.2009 23:49

Aloin juuri miettimään, montako peliä mulla on vielä kesken ihan vaan siksi, etten uskalla pelata eteenpäin.

Dead Space

Silent Hill - Homecoming
> Creeeeepy.... creeeepy.... cree- OH FUCK WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING!?

> She's just in my head, she can't hurt me.... she can't hur- AAAUUUGH!!! I'M BLEEDING!!!

> Holy hell, what the fuck happened on this shi- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

STALKER - Shadow of chernobyl
> Hey, this is kinda fun! I get to explore a large open world and search for stuff and kill russians and...

S.T.A.L.K.I.N.GTorstai 16.04.2009 21:03

Diary of Marked One - In the Chernobyl Zone region - Day 7

I've been here for one week now...

No, no, that's not right...

I remember the last week clearly now. I was told how I was resqued from the death-truck and how I was brought to the southern reaches of the zone. I've now spent the last five or so days learning to survive again, and hunting for clues in the only matter that is clear to me: my mission to kill this Strelok man.

I have seen the bandits mug loners in the abandoned roads and construction sites...
I have seen the mutated dogs and other animals roam the wilds in search of an easy prey...
I have seen the army raid the camps of the unity and murder any who werent quick enough to flee...
I have seen people die from taking a wrogn step too close to an anomaly...
I have seen the shadowy creatures that stalk under the ground of the Zone...

And after seeing all this, I feel like I am at home again. The thrill of hearing a pack of dogs hot on my heels as I make haste for the cover of an abandoned cottage in the countryside, ardenaline blinding my eyes as I run... I is truly exhilarating!

Nevertheless, my search for this Strelok has been poor and unfruitful. There are rumors and stories, some more believable than others, of him penetrating the very core of the Zone, perhaps even visiting the sarcophagus itself? Nevertheless, I have picked up a trail, though it is several days old and does not lead to Strelok, but a friend of his known as Ghost. Perhaps the whereabouts of this "Ghost" will lead me to Strelok himself?

Ah! bu I get ahead of myself! As it is, I have been sidetracked for the time being. Instead of nearing the Zone's center, I have ended up at Yantar, where the local scientists have made a small base. The air itself feels at unease here, as men that seem to be zombies shuffle aimlessly around the compound, and things more... sinister? Yes, sinister, creep about in the deepest shadows, growling and howling at me as I walk the hills. The Yantar compound itself puzzles me greatly, though even nearing the buildings causes severa nause and headaches. I'd blame radiation, but I have seen enough strange things in the Zone to doubt something more sinister to be at work here... Besides, the geiger counter is quiet here...

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changeeeesPerjantai 02.01.2009 12:42

Joo, noista muutamasta viime merkinnästä (jos joku ei tajunnut): Pelasin Riveniä ja pidin (pidän yhä) pelipäiväkirjaa. Tuskin ketään kiinnosti (ei täällä oikein ketään käy) joten lakkaan postaamasta niitä tänne toistaiseksi. Kunhan saan Myst 5:n, aloitan varmaan uuden pelipäiväkirjan jossa vähän enemmän yksityiskohtia ja syvyyttä.

Sitten itse asiaan:
Ostimme katjan kanssa 40" telsun! Laukesin.
Ja uudestaan...
Ai perkele kun tekee hyv...

Riven - VKeskiviikko 17.12.2008 21:10

I have done it! How clever! As I open a door, i can enter a room, but when I close the door, I reveal another! I found a way to stop the spinning metal spehere. While doing it, I also realized that some of the symbold visible here seem to repeat around the islands: certain kinds of eye shapes, it seems. The metallic sphere turned away, revealing a hidden mechanism. I am saddened to admit, that after studying the mechanism it seems that it is either unpowered or broken... The five markers, the dial they are attached to, and the button do absolutely nothing! I will not be disheartened by this! Perhaps there is still something that can be done here...

Riven - IVLauantai 13.12.2008 15:30

After studying the third island, I have come to understad it much more thoroughly. In the middle of the island, there is a lake. Laid atop the lake are four pipes, joining at the center. Here, the pipes can be controlled to give power to one of three devices: a boiler, a wood chipper and a device to catch... frogs? I have found no use for the chipper, and the boiler, after being shut down and fiddled around a bit, allowed me to move deeper into the island. But... frogs!? Why?

As I moved further around the island, I discovered three very interesting locations: a room with a spinning metallic sphere in the middle (I have yet to discover its use), a large building (doors locked, I will attempt to access it soon), and a huge golden spheric building! Next I will attempt to study these further!

Riven - IIILauantai 13.12.2008 13:32

A trap!? Either that or the dumbest transit system I've ever seen! I was studying the second island, when I came upon a forest edge (several large trees had been apparently axed down) and discovered a pit or a tunnel entrance. As I entered, I discovered a switch... I pushed the switch... After that, the mining cart I had been standing on (how did I get THERE!?) began to move at accelerating speeds, diving underwater (some kind of glass tube underwater? Glowing orange hoops lining the tube could also hint to a force field?) and finally stopping on yet another island, where the mining cart's bottom opened, dropping me down some kind of chute. I'll have to look more carefully from now on, this place seems kind of dangerous!

Riven - IIPerjantai 12.12.2008 23:34

After a short, and I must admit: baffling stroll around the island Atrus's book stranded me on, I must admit I am amazed. The island is, in its own desolate (and Myst'ish) way: beatuiful! Stairs carved in stone, leading to caverns in the mountainside, in turn containing strange and intriguing devices.

I have to admit that the two, no: three devices I have discovered here have left me with more questions than answers:

The spinning room of scarabs: I believe the story told by the mosaic's inside the scarabs tells of the world's creation by Ghen. The entire room can be spinned in 120 degree turns from the outside, leading me to believe that if the room is left in a certain specific position, it can be accessed again from a different location: for what purpose, I cannot say.

The metal cone outside the prison cell: The cone seems to contain something, a pale liquid of sorts. A switch next to it did absolutely nothing, and the lid below it is locked. I dont know the combination to the lock yet...

Lastly, there is the ball-chair. I can operate the chair, but cannot figure out its purpose. It's only control seems to... alter(?) the sounds around me, muffling the hum of the caverns into silence, which then fades away.

Fortunately, i have also found a much simpler mechanism which will be of much use: a transit system! The several islands comprising this age appear to be interconnected with a sort of rail-transit system. I have just operated it for the first time, and am about to study island #2.

(Thought to self: when I called for the transport, it was at the other end of the rail. Maybe the people I saw when I arrived in this age used the rails to leave the island, explaining why I didn't see them?)

Riven - The fifth age by TomitheusPerjantai 12.12.2008 22:16

Day one - Riven

I arrive, after being hurriedly briefed by Atrus, to Riven, where it is my task to imprison his father, going by the name of Ghen, and to save his wife: Cathryn. I know not what drives me to aid him... perhaps the fact that he has suffered so? His own sons imprisoning him, his father misusing the powers their family posesses? In any case, I have taken it upon myself to aid Atrus for now. The fact also stands, that Atrus seems to be the only person capable, or willing, to help me return home...

The arrival on Riven, though, was not quite what I expected after seeing Myst. Atrus told me there were inhabitants here, so I expected to meet people, but to be trapped AND mugged on arrival!? The prison book Atrus gave me to serve as mean of imprisoning his father has been taken from my posession, and I have seen two strange figures: one clad in a white uniform, the one that stole the prison book and was then... killed? Tranquilized? And the strangely masked and dressed person, who dragged the body away and released me, before disappearing altogether, ignoring my pleas for help. I shall begin to study this place now. I can hear the wind, and the area seems to be full of devices and structures to study. Perhaps I can find someone who could hint me about the whereabouts of Ghen and Catherine?

****lauta!!!Keskiviikko 29.10.2008 21:03

Koko viikko ollut töissä helvetin stressaavaa ja kiireista (joskin opettavaista) aikaa. Tänään, tunnin ylitöitä tehneenä palasin kotiin, väsyneenä, nälkäisenä ja vittuuntuneena. Ja mitenkäs tämä rakas yksiöni päättää toivottaa minut tervetulleeksi?


Olohuoneen kattolamppu käräyttää KAIKKI kolme lamppuaan samaan aikaan! Se siitä hyvän kirjan kanssa rentoutumisesta sitten, saatana!

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