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About me :DMaanantai 10.12.2007 21:01

Name : Nico Grech
Nick Name : Wolffang
Birthdate : 9th February 1993
Birthplace : Maltalla jossain :P
Current Location : San Gwann
Eye Color : Green
Hair Color : Brown
Height : 180cm
Weight : ei oo sun asia :D
Piercings : en tykkää :D
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : .. No :(
Vehicle : mm... Wait was it a Ferrari or an Lamborghini ? :D XDXD

Body Part on Opposite sex : Eyes
Movie : mm... A lot of Musical films like High School Musical. And Action Films.

Pepsi or Coke : mm.. Both ? :D
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : coffee 100% xD
Kiss or Hug : Both <3 :D:D
Summer or Winter : Both
Love or Money : Love ofcoarse :)

Bedtime : When I feel Like it :D
Most Missed Memory : When I can Trust you enough il tell u :D
Best phyiscal feature : My Reflexes :D
First Thought Waking Up : God Dammit I woke up !! LOL xD
Fears : Sharks only lol

Cheated Your Partner : Never, and never will
Ever been beaten up : mm... when i was small :P
Ever beaten someone up : I dont like fighting xD but when necessary :P
Ever Shoplifted : Never ever
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : ofcoarse :D:D
Been Dumped Lately : No

Favorite Eye Color : blue / green / Black
Favorite Hair Color : Blonde/brunette
Short or Long : the same for me. :P
Height : 160-175 :D
Looks or Personality : Both i quess :D
Hot or Cute: The same for me :P

What country do you want to Visit : France <3
Do you like somebody : Yes :D:D
Get along with your Parents : Always
Do you think your Attractive : no :(
Believe in Yourself : Yes, sometimes
Want to go to College : College <3 :D:D
Do you Smoke : No and never will
Do you Drink : No and never will
Shower Daily : ofcoarse
Been in Love : Many times :)
Do you Sing : I wish :D But I have a stupid voice :(
Want to get Married : yes :D:D
Do you want Children : Ofcoarse :D:D
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : when its the right moment :P xD
Hate anyone : Yes many loool

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