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To my fianceLauantai 30.08.2008 21:07

.. Everything has changed so suddenly..New school, new friends.. new studies and feelings. What do I have from my past? What from there do I have left?
Well, couple of friends I hardly see, some anime I still follow and Dragonball I adore,but.. What is with this thing, why isn't our story giving me any
pleasure, why do I feel empty and alone. Answer is that I miss you, no story can replace that who you are and what you mean to me. I don't want
to see your profile icon I wanna see you. I don't wanna write to you that I love you I wanna say it. Don't wanna write what would I do or where to touch,
I wanna show it to you and touch you in reality. Please.. you have to make it, still one year, practice and study so that you will get here, move to me,
to my city and take my hand on the street. I want you to meet my friends, see the boys I have a little crush, I want to be with you everyday after school,
and fall in sleep next to you. .. please.. you have to make it.. I've done so much for us, proved, loved, healed you from your own pain and past, now is
your turn to show me what are you ready to do. The city between us is not enough. You have to make to train's next stop.... I love you... I'd do the
same for you <sydän> no more pain of seeing you leave and shut the door after you, or see the train leave and try to shout that I love you. Wish
there would be only a phone call, '' Hey, what's up? Shall we meet on the street? '' - ''yeah, of course! Hold on I will put on my shoes!''. So easy, so
simple.. . so lovely.. Please darling... please... I try to get it together till I'm back home at night and ready to sleep, just waiting you to come back to me...
Show me that I am not right of that I maybe am too exhausted that I maybe.. wanna let you go.. because in the end.. you are all I wanna keep near me before I die..
You saved me as I saved you..~~ my shooting star accidentally flew right trough me~~ <sydän>

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