kun pää käskee juosta, minä kipitän.... muutaman metrin

18Torstai 15.10.2009 02:00

... 1 hour.... and I....

Ei kulta, mitä ne on tehny sulle???!!!Maanantai 12.10.2009 22:12

Joku paska uus peli pleikka3 ja xboxil...!!
Eiiiih!! Ihan ku Radiz ssjnä!!!

HALUUNMaanantai 12.10.2009 20:21

eiih mun o vaa nii pakki saada näääää..yhyy..

yhyy.. joululahjaks ittelleni toisen ja äiti ja mummi toisen x'DD
viel pitäs valkone lolita paita~~



Back In My ChildhoodMaanantai 12.10.2009 01:55

...this is it... In 4 days I am 18... mh... funny.. Now that.. Zoro and I are not.. friends.. anymore I feel like instead of growing up I am a child again.

I remember how my friends bullied me and left me out... how I didn't in the end have any friends.. Now it goes the same way.. the same is that.. a boyfriend makes people change and fight crazy.. like on 3th to-> 6th grade at school..

In junior high I was alone too.. hated for being weird.. I couldn't trust at all in people.. I was lonely and hated myself..

It changed after I got to 10th grade.. but.. there I got bullied by one bitch for my skinny out look how I am weak.. trust ran out again..

then I finally got into school I wanted.. Photoshooting<9~ people were nice, still I didn't trust anybody, I was in there with open mind. After I relized that they were good people who would be there when ever I need help I started to trust~~

In animecon 2009 I met Zoro, I was so happy to see that she was like I thought she would be, and then luffy too.

I lost my trust in her many times but, in the end I thought they were okay.

But now when Zoro over looked our friendship for a guy who is not yet her boyfriend.. she changed.. Zoro who?... she turned into an animal and said that I should be happy for her and understand why instead of coming to my birhtday and being with us in tsukicon she would be with this guy... she didn't see that she would do anything wrong..... I bet Luffy agrees with her, it's a straight guy/girl thing for sure.... so.... there goes.. *tears* my trust... I liked her I can't believe this happend... happend again... under my 18th birhtday she does this...

Well at least.. My fiance is there for me<9<9 And Kyoko, she was by my side trough all this shit today<3<3 Thank you so much, you are the only friend that is from all there years from 2nd grade with me<3<3<3 dearest friend, thank you <3<3

This pain of Zoro will remove... darkness will turn into light..

Now that the tears are drying my eyes and I slowly fall in a sleep..
....I still hope.. that when I wake up this was all only a dream...

...Zoropon... farewell..

Shitty FriendsMaanantai 12.10.2009 00:26

Ootteks koskaa kelannu minkä takia hetero kaverisuhteet aina kariutuu ja kaverit o niis itsekkäitä??

Heterot o vitu itsekkäitä, poikaystävät menee kavereitten edelle joille on tehny lupauksia.

Potkitte sitte munille, saatana!!!
Eiks se oo jännää?????

DepressionSunnuntai 11.10.2009 00:17

You know... after 7 years from my 18th birhday.. I will sing to you..

- - - - - - - - - - -
I am waiting here is long and dark tunnel
Where the cold light burns
Here where childhood traumas grow
staring ahead the choir
Everything happend so fast
When I thought that everything would leave
eventually I reliazed
that they would only do it for me

Should I complain out loud your home way just ended like that
Where ,which way to turn now
would I yell, if she was here now

Take me there where she is now
flow be in two under my foot steps
Take me there where she is
please in heart hear my prayer

This light hits my eyes in the tunnel
where still choir of childhood plays
Early I learned, how weak I can be
How her love won't last long
I wanna know , why long time ago
You didn't come and meet me
soon I lost the way of growing up
easy path turned in curves and so I fell


take me there where she is now
By the dark water
Take me still there where she is now

Under earth and water this girl rows
And with death soils she sings
Under earth and water this girl rows
that slow and calm flow is from now on

PASKA GALTSU!Keskiviikko 07.10.2009 12:04

Mikäli olet uutta IRC-Galleria vastaan, pistä tämä päiväkirjaasi mahdollisimman NOPEASTI!!!!!!!!!!!

PASKA GALTSU!Keskiviikko 07.10.2009 12:04

Mikäli olet uutta IRC-Galleria vastaan, pistä tämä päiväkirjaasi mahdollisimman NOPEASTI!!!!!!!!!!!