another lost lifeKeskiviikko 23.07.2008 16:47

I fear not what the future holds
But more what the future unfolds
Cus I'm dying each time that I breathe in life without you
Every hour solemn I need you
Undevoured I'm falling now what can I do
There's so much to give
If only I had my hands to fix what you did
So I hold it inside watch as it dies
I can't even look at the sky its burning my eyes
Similar to cigarette smoke I wish I could float far away from here

See in life things go wrong
If it don't kill you its only goin make you strong
So you must hold on
If everything was right then theres something wrong
Ironic aint it thats just the way life is
That's why I thank god every chance that I get for blessing me

What's victory with no lose
What's smiling with no tears
Whats love with no hate
Whats courage with no fears
Just think about it and apply to your life
And no matter what the problem is
Don't worry baby keep your head up
Its goin be alright

I cant believe your gone,youve been at my side since we was kids ,
i cant describe the emptiness in my soul , one of the last soldiers to fall ,
i hope you in a better place now , THE GOOD DIE YOUNG as they say , i miss you man
i wish we wldve been able to kick it more on your last days , but like u say i moved my sorry as to BFE :D ill never forget you , i love you ..


Rip Pia tätiTorstai 12.06.2008 14:51

Ei oikeasti tiiä mitä tä elämä on......

tupparitKeskiviikko 11.06.2008 23:26

4.7.2008 housewarming party :D

kaikki tervetuloa :D

pöhKeskiviikko 11.06.2008 19:59

salkareiden ismo oli eilen alepubis....kysyn fani kuva mut en saanu ...=( ismo on kyl aika kuusipää.....

He perdido todo, ya no tengo nadaLauantai 10.05.2008 06:11

He perdido todo, ya no tengo nada
Lo unico que yo hice fue quererte
Ahora me echas por la ventana,
Y ni siquiera me miras de frente
Que de este amor ya no queda nada
Ahora tu va’a saber lo que se siente
Amar a alguien que no te ama,
Te voy a que te arrepientes

Ya no hay nada que decir admitelo
Lo nuestro se acabo y no fui yo quien te fallo
A ver si te quieres ir, arrancalo
Da media vuelta como un perro
Yo no me voy a morir tengo que seguir

Tu sabes que esta nena no se quiere panar
Lo mismo es chinchineo,fuerte, vacilon nada mas
Lo que paso paso ahora no vengas a rogar pa’ ca’
Y a llorar con maternidad, dale sacudete, muevete que me voy pa’ la calle
Tu quiere que te tumbre yo me voy pa’ la calle
que tus amigos hablen, lo mio es janguear pai
vete y recoge no hay mas que hablar

vittu Tiistai 22.04.2008 16:27

im so fucked .. im about to cry =(

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 30.03.2008 04:00

The person who has to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

HahahahTorstai 14.02.2008 11:15

Juuri ennen häitä..

Nainen: Hei Rakas

Mies: No vihdoinkin, olen odottanut jo niin kauan!

Nainen: Haluatko että lähden ?

Mies: EN ! Mistä nyt tuollaista sait päähäsi ? Jo pelkkä ajatuskin kauhistuttaa.

Nainen: Rakastatko minua ?

Mies: Tietenkin, kaikkina vuorokaudenaikoina !

Nainen: Oletko pettänyt minua koskaan ?

Mies: En ikinä ! Miksi kysyt tuollaista?

Nainen: Haluaisitko suudella minua ?

Mies: Kyllä, aina kun minulla on tilaisuus siihen !

Nainen: Löisitkö minua koskaan ?

Mies: Oletko hullu ? Tunnethan sinä minut !

Nainen: Voinko luottaa sinuun ?

Mies: Kyllä, kulta..

Nainen: Rakas..

7 vuotta häiden jälkeen:

Lue teksti alhaalta ylöspäin !

ouchLauantai 02.02.2008 17:00

fell down the stairs at work
in a lot of pain
got a huge bruise on my thigh
to go along with the one i got last week
life sucks

....Tiistai 29.01.2008 23:58

ja huomenna se selvi