Menkää pois,pellet

i want to hug you..♥Perjantai 01.04.2011 01:02

my dream...♥Torstai 31.03.2011 02:47

)= </3Torstai 31.03.2011 01:20

♥♥Keskiviikko 30.03.2011 04:32

!Tiistai 29.03.2011 03:10

If you loved me as much as you said you did
Then you wouldn't have hurt me like I ain't shit
Now you pushed me away like you never even knew me
I loved you with my heart, really and truly
This goes out to someone that was
Once the most important person in my life
I didn't realize it at the time
I can't forgive myself for the way I treated you so
I don't really expect you to either
It's just... I don't even know
You're the one that I want, the one that I need
The one that I gotta have just to succeed
When I first saw you, I knew it was real
I'm sorry about the pain I made you feel
That wasn't me; let me show you the way
I looked for the sun, but it's raining today
I remember when I first looked into your eyes
It was like God was there, heaven in the skies

kiitti jäbätTiistai 29.03.2011 03:03

Kiitti nico ja makke,ilman teit en varmaa ees ois enää tääl<3

aahhaTiistai 29.03.2011 00:46

näyttäisi siltä että sul on hiusmurtumia rystysessä... näin sanoi kouluterveyden hoitaja,vai kuka olikaan (Y)

vittu..!! ._.Tiistai 29.03.2011 00:20

Yeah..i quess i let you go..if i don't let you go,this pain will never stop,and that's why i let you go,cuz then this will stop

ah<3 tommoset<Sunnuntai 27.03.2011 21:16

25.3Lauantai 26.03.2011 01:33

AIVAN MAHTAVAA! oli ihan MEEDIUM 'mehu' bileet ft. Ira,makke,jaakko,milja,ronja,nico,ellu,pikkujaakko,henkka,jassu,aliida,isse,pupsi,heidi,miia,janni,emma,ja muita :p!! tosin yhes vaihees ilta meni todella pilalle.