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You Scored as Esme Cullen
You're Esme. The sweet, loving, mother figure of the Cullen clan. You're extremely happy that Edward has found Bella and are very careful not to scare her off.

Esme Cullen 88%
Bella Swan 88%
Jasper Cullen 75%
Alice Cullen 63%
Carlisle Cullen 63%
Rosalie Cullen 63%
Emmett Cullen 63%
Edward Cullen 63%
James 50%
Charlie Swan 38%

You Scored as Your perfect match is Jasper!
You like the quite, meaningful type. Guys who say everything with their eyes are perfect for you.

Your perfect match is Emmett! 100%
Your perfect match is Jasper! 100%
Your perfect match is Carlisle! 75%
Your perfect match is Edward! 75%

You Scored as You Are Totally Obbssed With Twilight!!!
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! You love Twilight and since you do, i love you!!!!! Whooo!!! Twilight is the best best best best!!!! And now i've repeated myself enough, later & cant wait till the movie!!!

You Are Totally Obbssed With Twilight!!! 67%
OHMIGAWD!! No!!! You so aren't that big of a Twilight fan... 0%

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