.....Maanantai 24.12.2007 15:56

Oikein hyvää joulua ja sitäkin parempaa uutta vuotta 2008 kaikille!!!

Toivottaa:Niina Ja Jari

Maailman onnellisin...Lauantai 08.12.2007 03:39

Kesää innolla odotellessa. Kiitos Jari että olet olemassa.
Kiitos että olet minun.
kiitos siitä että saan olla sinun..

Onnellisesti yhdessä....

nimim:Tuleva Rouva :):):):):):)

looptroop "last song"Tiistai 16.10.2007 18:09

I write with a great vengeance./
Sort of like I'm innocent facing a death sentence,/
like I might not even finish my next sentence,/
like all I got left to live is ten seconds./
The clock's ticking this could be my last song,/
my last will if you will before I pass on./
I'd like to pass on some words that a last long,/
and mean something even after rap's gone./
Despite all the wickedness in the wilderness,/
and the fact that my life kind of been a mess,/
if I die tomorrow I feel no bitterness./
No sorrow and not one bit of stress./
I'm feeling blessed that I made it this far,/
my 26th year, my 14th bar./
I see the sunshine, feel the bass line./
Listen to it tellin' us not to waste time...

Cus if I'd die tomorrow,/ I'd feel no kind of sorrow./ I'd smile at my memories,/ and pray for my enemies.

Man, tough I'm sad I had to go and all, I'm so glad I got to know you all./
Don't feel bad, I hope I told you all/
we had one hell of a ride so far./
If I did die, oh Lord, no need to cry, oh Lord/
cus I've been around. And been around friends who's been around since/
my story begins, seen my flaws and my sins./
I had the women, loved them all. Most the bads was my fault!/
Hope you forgive me and remember me by our happiest memories./
I tend to be afraid to give my heart away,/
but you was my light, and if It's dark today, I know you'll rise and shine someway!/
I went away on my way up, but that's a good way to leave!/
Believe me when I say - You made it easy being me!


And mom, you taught me how to see things from the bright side./
That's why my brother survived, why you and dad stayed tight/
though you divorced and broke up. Now I ran outta luck/
but I know you grow stronger when the going gets tough!/
Hope I made you proud, hope you didn't worry too much,/
about my drinking and drugs, it never came between us./
Didn't keep no secrets, always told you about stuff./
And I know you know I love you, and to me that's enough...

So if I die rich and famous in the hall of fame,/
or in a prison nameless with a ball and chain./
Sky high above the clouds and the fallin' rain./
Makin' love to my woman hear her call my name,/
or bangin' my head against a brick wall in pain./
If the last days of my life I was called insane,/
it's all love cus it's all the same,/
and if I'd get a new life nothing at all I'd change...


I wouldn't undo it if I could - hell maybe I should,/
but it's one life to live, one love - it's all good./
Think I did ok at least enjoyed it while it lasted./
Think of how we laughed shit I'm smilin' in my casket./
Though I may have caused some beefs, and indeed I regret all,/
may have pissed off my peops. Best believe I won't forget y'all,/
when I'm chillin' in hiphop heaven or spittin' burners in hell,/
I hope you got your health and you're at peace with yourself./
Became older and wiser I hope you toast to my name./
I sit beside you guys even when my bones in the grave./
I got so much more to say, but this the end of the song,/
so just rewind the tape and don't mind singin' along... come on!


If this is the last song,/ and these are last days./ If the show really can't go on,/ then I'm catching the last train. X2

looptroop "bandit Queen"Tiistai 16.10.2007 18:08

Ey yo bust it: when the police come yo she ready for whatever
Never talk to the cops cus she got her mind together
A down to earth mother earth living at the speed of life
She don't need a ring to be my wife
A truly independent woman, not a destiny's child
Not depending on money or fashion to have style
She got nuff style - rough style - diamond in the ruff
Not a dimepiece in the back, she a diamond in the front
Seat by my side, ready to ride
With a smile on her face when she let me inside
What is this? I need a gangsta bitch, I need love
I need a ride or die bitch? None of the above
I need a terrorist chick taking care of this dick
Ain't nothing superficial like marriage and shit
A truly holy matrimony she my homie
I forget about this evil world when she hold me

She love love like I do
She need sex like I do
She love freedom like I do
She need music like I do

I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
A real woman that can bring out the man in me
I said a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
Independent enough so she can handle me
Ey yo a bandit queen (yes a bandit queen)
She the mother of humanity
I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
She look good, but she not into vanity

I need a riot girl, not a violent girl
but one that knows how to defend herself when they try to quiet her
In this manmade era of gangrapes and terror
Where most men can't face the mirror
She overcome cus she positive
She live in love and she love to live
She love to give and love to take
She don't compete cus she above the fake
She don't deal with no silly silicone
Even when I'm not with her I don't really feel alone
cus there's a metaphysical bond between us
Strong as my penis want the venus
I need the butts and no maybes
I see some ladies tonight that should be having my babies
You know what I mean?
Wanna roll with my team well you know what I need

I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
Independent enough so she can handle me
I said a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
A real woman that can bring out the man in me
Ey yo a bandit queen
She look good, but she not into vanity
I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
She the mother of humanity

I need a bandit queen, but man it seems
that the whole world is living in some candy dream
They want a plastic screen - not flesh and blood
They want some bad machine - not blessed love
They're stressed enough for ulcers and bloodclouts
grey hairs and great fears of what nots
I feel alone in this cold world
but out of 5 billion people there should be a soulgirl
My soulmate not afraid to hold weight
Baby your soulfood I love it homemade
The way you stir it up I ain't coming home late
Your recipe is so tasty - give me the whole plate

She love love like I do
She need sex like I do
She love freedom like I do
She need music like I do

I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
independent enough so she can handle me
I said a bandit queen (a bandit queen)
a real woman that can bring out the man in me
I need a bandit queen
Hey - she ain't living in no fantasy
I need a bandit queen (yo bandit queen)
Yes, pullin' me in like bravendy
I need a bandit queen

slipknotTiistai 16.10.2007 18:03

She seemed dressed in all of me
Stretched across my shame
All the torment and the pain
Leaked through and covered me
I'd do anything to have her to myself
Just to have her for myself
Now I don't know what to do
I don't know what to do
When she makes me sad

She is everything to me
The unrequited dream
A song that no one sings
The unattainable
She's a myth that I have to believe in
All I need to make it real is one more reason
I don't know what to do (2x)
When she makes me sad

But I won't let this build up inside of me
I won't let this build up inside of me (3x)

A catch in my throat
Choke, torn into pieces I won't
No, I don't want to be this


She isn't real
I can't make her real

KiitosMaanantai 16.07.2007 19:48

Kiitos kaikille mukana olioille jotka oli todistamassa meidän iki ihanaa hetkeä 13 .07.2007...


mihin sitä sit muttais?Keskiviikko 04.07.2007 00:30

Varvi (tienviitta Raahessa)
Alapää (Hippi, Nurmo)
Ala-Mulkku (Vaala)
Annamarinhaara (Savo)
Hassis (Keski-Pohjanmaa)
Hevonperse (Pudasjärvi-Kuusamo suunnalla)
Hevonvittu (Kuusamo)
Homeperseensuo (Haminan lähistöllä)
Hölö & mörkö (E4 tie Tukholmasta etelään)
Iso-melanen (Paltamo)
Isomulkku (Oulujärvi)
Jalanluiskahtamavaara (Inari)
Keskimulkku (Oulujärvi)
Kivesjärvi, -kylä, -lahti, -vaara (Paltamo)
Koirankyrpäoja (Salla)
Kusipää (Pomovaaran huippu Muoniosta itään)
Kyrvänsyrjäntie (Kainuu)
Mulkkujärvi (Pohjanmaa)
Naimajärvi (Jyväskylän ja Mikkelin välissä)
Onpahanvaanlampi (Saarijärvi)
Paskalampi (Espoo)
Pieru (Saarijärvi)
Paskatti (Somero)
Pillunsilmä (Airisto)
Pissiniemi (Tornionjoen rannassa)
Puutteenperä (Vaala)
Ruustiinanpillu (Oulujärvi)
Siitinselkä (Varkaus)
Takapajula (Neuvosenniemi)
Terskanperä (Pulkkila)
Tissinpohja (Savo)
Viheltävän vitun aapa (Sodankylä)
Ylä-Mulkku (Vaala)

Suomi, äidinkielemme on kaunista ja rikasta etenkin
paikkakuntien nimien mukaan...

Miltäköhän allaoleva juttu CV:ssä mahtaisi toimia?

Asun tällä hetkellä Hevonperseessä Kyrvänsyrjäntiellä,
mutta olen kotoisin Alapäästä. Pääsin ylioppilaaksi
Terskanperän lukiosta ja valmistuin siveystyöntekijäksi
Paskalammen ammattikorkeakoulusta. Opiskeluun kuuluvan
työharjoittelun suoritin aluksi Puutteenperällä, mutta
siirryin pian Hevonvittuun ja sieltä edelleen Viheltävän
vitun aavalle.

jeijjPerjantai 29.06.2007 21:55

päivät senku vähenee... mun rakas tulee kotiin.
Tuntuu et ikävä vaan kasvaa vaikka luulis että se vähenee ku se on kotiutumassa...

no johan sitä päivää on odotettu...

Rakastan mun rakasta.

kysymyksiin vastauksia... :)Tiistai 27.03.2007 19:18

01. Kuka olet?
02. Olemmeko ystäviä?
03. Koska ja miten tapasimme?
04. Oletko ihastunut minuun?
05. Pussaisitko minua?
06. Anna minulle lempinimi, ja kerro miksi valitsit juuri sen?
07. Kuvaile minua yhdellä sanalla
08. Mikä oli ensivaikutelmasi minusta?
09. Oletko edelleen samaa mieltä?
10. Mikä muistuttaa sinua minusta?
11. Jos voisit antaa minulle mitä tahansa, mitä se olisi?
12. Miten hyvin tunnet minut?
13. Koska näimme viimeksi?
14. Halusitko joskus kertoa minulle jotain, mitä et ole pystynyt kertomaan?
15. Aioitko pistää tämän blogiisi ja katsoa, mitä minä kertoisin?

Missäs ne kukat on??Torstai 08.03.2007 10:06

Oikein hyvää naistenpäivää kaikille naikkosille!!!