∞ - pure ainarchy
Trick or Treat buster!

Or would you rather take Truth or Dare?

I Dare you. No. I Double Dare you.

Dare you to Truth.
Do you believe in things you dont see?

Did you know, they say;
If you can smell roses or yasmins in the air, but see noone, there's an angel with you.

Once bitten, twice shy.Sunnuntai 29.10.2006 00:44

Avoidance-approach tendency.

Enjoy your new perspective.

The subconscious tends to speak in riddles.

Summon more magic.

Want to have your cake and eat it too?

Open a bakery.
Retreat to your Basket of Uncertainty
dissapear to be found
I am whats wrong with this world
nothing but some kind of angel to you

Eccentricity's attractive, wierdness may be counteractive
make your Wishes clear
sense of equilibrium might crit you
so charmed you are, enchanted, poor thing
passion, fury, dream, desire
sane, sober, sensible

Breathing the Truth ahead
leave it alone for twenty-four hours
be lost in the Call
lover of leaving
white wolf eating red apples

No error, no mistake, no failure
she needs a disconnection
she has Love for you
she should not lock the open door

I tried to be silent
but i miss You
Timeless Freedom Fighter
Divine Wow
trust what you think

Think of boomerangs.

So you wanna know what love is?Keskiviikko 25.10.2006 17:00

Wasp inside a diving helmet.

Karma.Tiistai 24.10.2006 19:24

Sound of the wind through the trees.

Paused icerain.

Time to dance.
Yet another day.

Expect the unexpected.
ridiculously confounding Oo
absurd extremes oO
very funny :D
unprecedented opportunity :O
outgrown limitations :P
synergistic blend <3
slapstick confusion x.x
juicy potential :)......
rowdy scenes \o/
impish ;)
voracious yearning :(
wild divine =^.^=

I could teach you a thing or two.Tiistai 17.10.2006 18:50

I wish you would.
Practice avoidance.