∞ - pure ainarchy

Philosophy of Time Travel.Keskiviikko 30.09.2009 00:44

Don't Worry Baby.

Tiistai 29.09.2009 14:38

your whisper
breaks every glass

Lost September.Maanantai 28.09.2009 15:25



tyhjä katse puiden lehdissä
viipyen ajattelee itsensä kauemmaksi

aurinko hyvästelee jokaisen oksan
vihreä kääntyy punertavaksi

huojun tuulessa mukana,
kesän jäljet haihtuvat iholtani
kestikö todella näin kauan saapua tänne asti?

Expanding Space: A Traveller’s Guide.Sunnuntai 27.09.2009 23:51

Wind chimes are silent
like the time has stopped
Can you still walk through walls
when trapped in this four dimensional emotion

I travel in vision
convex eye, convex world
gibbous moon, blood red trees quivering
if you ask for any magic now
it _will_ happen
strangely and unobserved

Black electric skies
storm you thought would come, passing gently
hovering over you
kissing your neck
finger brushes your cheek
glance lingers on your skin

you are thinking of survival
you can’t breathe
scent of fear
science of surrendering
counting spins 1 and 2
til you realize,
this equation
either splits you in half
or makes you complete.
Jamais vu,
wet socks.

Cognitive Dissonance.Sunnuntai 20.09.2009 16:21

.Sunnuntai 20.09.2009 16:20