∞ - pure ainarchy

Emow & Lol-cat goes to the forest.Tiistai 27.02.2007 06:41

Scene: catnip.

*\______~0.*~ _/\__ =*.O_______/*


bowchicka wow wow

Jeremy misled nasa.Maanantai 26.02.2007 21:58

Falls on you, like a soft April rain.

Til all you can say is.. 'please'.
In a couple of weeks it will all make sense.

Such raw presence of vivid inspiration.
Aggressively insert gentle movement into frantic action.

Dizzying connections.
Intoxicating opportunities.
No need to lower your expectations.

Chase down the foreseeable future, chase down the sun.
Longer whiskers on your kittens.
Fools in the winterfreeze without woolen mittens.

One day the color of the sky might make you cry.
It becomes harder, the more you try.

Digital Lucky Denver Mint.Tiistai 20.02.2007 18:59

seek help
need help

giev help
teik help


lost on the map

"With all of your bridges safely burned, it's time to sit back, watch the smoke spiral in the air, and contemplate your next move. Perhaps there's a village somewhere in need of a new idiot."

This ain't a scene, it's an arms race.Perjantai 16.02.2007 22:22

You would think its not all about pineapples, tomatoes and kiwis.

But they do hurt.

Freeze those knees, my chickadees!Torstai 15.02.2007 18:52

Father Vito Cornelius: Yes?
Korben Dallas: I'm, uh... looking for a priest.
Father Vito Cornelius: Weddings are one floor down, my son. Congratulations.

Poetically feral.Keskiviikko 14.02.2007 16:48

Moth to the flame.

white beach hurricanes
your kings hot secrets

dark candy thundersoul

ocean's memories
every tidemoon victory
the roars you bury

heres the book of storms you dreamed about
read some, lie on a meadow
look through the sun
clouds soar over your shadow

Cosmic pwnge: Part 4982597082475.Tiistai 13.02.2007 17:51

"After being treated like the office pariah for weeks now, you'll start to feel like you might be radioactive. While checking to see whether your skin glows in the darkness of the supply closet, your coworkers will accuse you of pilfering office supplies."

Fallen Wishes.Tiistai 13.02.2007 07:03


develop genuine communication
still the sky |

gestures misinterpreted
til you find the missing
crucial pieces of information

auspicious climate
sending or receiving
missive reaches
intended destination