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New diary, pages open.Torstai 30.12.2010 20:06

Well, mainly just for meeeeeeee!

Why so serious?Perjantai 17.12.2010 14:11

3 hyacinths and a membership fee.Torstai 09.12.2010 20:35

Do I has allergies, to be continued..

♥ for Baby Leo Torres.Tiistai 07.12.2010 14:57

'We brought your dad from sunny Spain, he got the ball he scored again, Leo(nardo) Torres Liverpool's no 9..'

Bright future El Niño's Niño, bright future. Ynwa.

Familiar things.Maanantai 06.12.2010 19:42

Sometimes it's just 'ok wtf :D'.
Sometimes when it happens, you don't know if it's suppose to remind you of where you're from, or make you feel like it doesn't even matter, 'cos where ever you go, it can go with you. Sometimes it just makes you grin, 'cos you know better. Sometimes it's just what you needed and what you been looking for. On those occasions it comes with an inside joke.. Sometimes it's right there and you hardly noticed. Sometimes it's just what you wanted and it appears exactly when you were thinking about it.

But mostly it's just 'ok wtf :D'.

Hot baths in front of the fireplace.Perjantai 03.12.2010 21:29

One way to keep warm is to have some Torres on Steve.

And boots with the furrrrrrrrrr.Lauantai 27.11.2010 00:26

Let me check if I have shoes for that.

And a one purple one.Maanantai 22.11.2010 18:10

Diamonds, ice, and an sweet after taste of burned caramel.
I had a dream we had a new manager..
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