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Venus is about to change signs.Tiistai 28.02.2006 17:46

Without an awkward inner dilemma, there would be no sensitivity, no sanity and, ultimately, no success.

Confuse-a-Cat LimitedKeskiviikko 22.02.2006 22:54


Intuitive people often tend to be a little highly-strung and emotionally sensitive. They can't help it - it goes with the territory. Our deepest insights make their way to us via our feelings not our thoughts.


Some people love to argue. Agreement unnerves them. Harmony makes them feel restless and edgy. If there is nothing to complain about, they either become morose or aggressive. They will do or say whatever helps most quickly to recreate the air of discomfort that makes them feel comfortable!


ARGH!Tiistai 14.02.2006 18:20

That sneaky bastard Cupid...

onko kylmä?Torstai 05.01.2006 15:31

hanki lisälämmitin! :D

honestly :DPerjantai 09.12.2005 18:45

alkaa tuntuun että tääkin päivä kestää

honestlyTorstai 08.12.2005 20:05

tuntuu niinku eilinen olis kestänyt kolme päivää x.x
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