A wasteland of my mind

25.03.2010Torstai 25.03.2010 20:56

"Teknisesti ajatellen myös minun sydämeni on sisäelin, ja on syytä varoa ettei sydämestä tule vain punainen lihankappale, joka pumppaa verta.."

I'm wrecked inside my headMaanantai 22.03.2010 19:52

>>Civil war behind my eyes
I'm the only one to blame<<
>>If I could talk I'd tell you<<

25.02.2010Torstai 25.02.2010 10:45

>>I know I'm playing with fire
But I don't know why<<

HUOMENNA RÄJÄHTÄÄ!Keskiviikko 17.02.2010 23:54

Fiesta like theres no tomorrow!
Twist and turn let your body rock
Lose control lets your hips pop
Beats so hard make your heart stop
Drink until your body drops
Start the fire let it blaze
Let your animal out the cage
Get wild and crazy

12.02.2010Lauantai 13.02.2010 00:12

My biggest mistake

06.01.2010Lauantai 06.02.2010 02:22

It's gettin' late but I don't mind

01.01.2010Perjantai 01.01.2010 20:57

>>But it was a trick
and the clock struck 12<<

28.12.2009Tiistai 29.12.2009 01:07

>>And sometimes I get nervous
When I see an open door<<

27.12.2009Sunnuntai 27.12.2009 23:32

>>Make my volume higher, higher<<