ilu misha♥Torstai 25.03.2010 04:00

"I wonder what it takes to get your phone tapped these days? Probably just need the right keywords: Al Qaeda, Ahmadinejad, Justin Bieber..."

quoteeeeeeSunnuntai 21.03.2010 04:44

“Sixx! Nikki Sixx. So he’s all strung out on heroin, right? Decides to do one more dose like he thinks he’s Keith fuckin’ Richards or something. Paramedics get there, take one look and declare him dead. But this one paramedic, he’s a Crue fanboy, right? So he hits Sixx right in the heart with two shots of adrenaline. Bang. Sixx wakes up. What does he fuckin’ do? Goes right back home and snorts a huge line of heroin, passes out and wakes up in a puddle of his own puke. This is after another time he let some dealer shoot him up and OD’d on the spot. Dealer beats the fuck out of him with a baseball bat to stop him from convulsing, then throws him in a trashcan when he won’t stop. Sixx fuckin’ WAKES UP, still alive. I used to think Keith Richards was the fuckin’ man before I saw that shit. Sixx is part cockroach. I’m telling you; nuclear war ever ends the world? It’s Sixx and the cockroaches,” Chad says with finality. “You’re like him, dude.”

“Chad,” Jared sighs, pressing the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Look. If anybody pushed Sixx the whole fuckin’ world might end up dead. Dude didn’t need any pushing, know what I’m saying?”

“So…” Jared says slowly, trying to follow, “you’re saying that I push hard enough for both of us?”

“I’m saying you so push hard that you, Sixx and Richards could be the Holy fuckin’ Trinity, man.”

“Jesus, Chad,” Jared laughs, shaking his head. “Where the hell do you come up with this shit?”

“Hell if I know,” Chad says, and Jared can almost hear him shrug through the phone. “Maybe I’m the fuckin’ Holy conduit. So. We straight here, or what?”


funnnPerjantai 12.03.2010 18:21

"Thy kingdom come, blah blah blah."

raaaageKeskiviikko 10.03.2010 22:20

fuck. this.

lolwhutMaanantai 15.02.2010 04:00

katoin täs KAT-TUNin Break the Recordsia ja Rescuen aikana Taguchin laulukohassa ne kuvas ensin kauempaa ja sit zoomas, ja katoin sillai

'what, toi on Taisuke tos takana' sit tajusin et olin just VYÖTÄRÖN nähdessäni tunnistanut juniorin ja tuli wtf-moment.

sit menin taaksepäin siihen mis ne kuvas Taguchii kauempaa ja kas, siinä oli Taisuke ._________.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 12.02.2010 01:07

I love how Sanada looks completely crazy XD

aaaaPerjantai 12.02.2010 00:41

mun aivokapasiteetti ei riitä mun fandomeille.

yritän kattoo Maknae Rebellionii, Art of Seductionia, Yasashii Jikania ja sit viimestä Rikkaimyua samaan aikaan ja tää ei oikeen onnistu.

aaaaaaaaaa AMUSE boys amuse be. HAHAHAHAHA.

niin jaMaanantai 08.02.2010 05:13


Mirkan iltaMaanantai 08.02.2010 05:02

Mirka päätti noin kahdeksan aikaan, että saattaisi olla hyvä idea etsiä tietoa esseetä varten. Oikein hyvä idea.

Mirka päätyykin fangirlaamaan BEASTiä ja MBLAQiä.


basicallyMaanantai 01.02.2010 01:32

Tenimyu took over my life.