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Löysin ItsuKimin ja Sukitomonn~

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Saito... crossdressing... *KO*

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“So yeah…” Sakaki cleared his throat as he caught Choutarou trying to fight back his tears as he took and yellow shirt when Shishido wasn’t. “The next group. They will be in orange. Team Three: The Hard Workers. Obviously, these are the people who are not necessarily the best, but definitely work the hardest.”

“OH MY GOD WE DON’T NEED AN EXPLANATION!” screamed everyone.

“SO,” Sakaki raised his voice in response. “We have Inui and Kaidou from Seigaku, Shishido from Hyoutei, and Yuuta and Mizuki from St. Rudolph.”

“MIZUKI?” Fuji exclaimed. “HARD WORKING?”

Yuuta looked a little distressed with not only being stuck with Mizuki, but also at the thought of his elder brother’s future actions regarding this fact.

“Yes, of course,” said Mizuki as he slipped Sakaki some cash when no one was looking.

“I don’t remember deciding on Mizuki,” Ryuuzaki admitted.

“Well, that’s what we decided on!” Sakaki announced.

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.06.2007 22:09

“Basically? They changed into yodeling, banjo playing, cousin kissing hillbillies.”

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.06.2007 21:06

Fuji turned his head slightly to give Sanada a small grin, just the barest show of teeth. “I have a photo shoot with a modeling company I can’t stand. They pay well but everyone from the models to the managers hit on me.” Sanada blinked at the other again.

“And I’m going with you.... why?” Fuji’s grin widened before turning into his usual kitsune smile.

“I felt bringing in my big, intelligent, scary boyfriend would dissuade them from hitting on me.” Fuji said and turned all of his attention back on the road driving the sports car with ease.

“Really.” Sanada stated dryly, it explained why he still had War and Peace at least.

“Hai ” Fuji replied cheerfully. “And if nothing else, they’ll hit on you instead ”

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Saeki on robotti XD

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WAAAAAH KaidohKirihara OTP XDD<33
SanadaKaidoh :''D<33

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Tenimyu so pwns ballet.

Libra<3Maanantai 25.06.2007 17:30

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RIKKAIMYU ON TULLUUUUUUUUTT<333 Kirihara jajaja Yanagi jajaja Yagyuu jajaja Sanada jajaja Marui jajajajajajaaaaaaa<333
Voi kana Niou ja Yagyuu on niin syötäviä<3
Uusimman chapterin sivu 12<33