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[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 08.01.2008 00:29

Would you spare a minute?
Give me a single chance
To look in your eyes
Let me hold your hands
I want to get close enough,
To read you
Understand you
Open up your heart
Open up your mind
Nobody needs another stalker in your life
I'm only here to help you learn to love me,
To know me

Don't wanna blink coz in a second you could be gone
I need a twist to help me turn, turn this story round.
I need a bridge to cross this dangerous ground
Meet me in the middle like I want you too.
I gotta find your heart to shoot my arrow through

Don't wanna speak in case it comes out wrong

you could be gone

What good’s a memory
Without you there with me
The morning sun ain’t the same
Without you here
You are the summer breeze
The wind blowing through the trees
You make the loneliness
All just disappear

What’s a photograph
If you’re not in the other half

Don't wanna speak in case it comes out wrong
you could be gone

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