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<TITLE>HTML and JavaScript</TITLE>


<CENTER><H1>Organize tags</H1></CENTER>

<P>There are many ways to organize a Web page. This Web page willorganize text, hypertext links, colors and fonts. It will alsodemonstrate single spacing, double spacing and the use of line breaks.</P>

<P>his Web page will display how to organize Web pages in a number of ways usinng:</P>

<BR><A HREF="#POWERFUL">Powerful Lines</A>
<BR><A HREF="#HYPERLINKS">Hyperlinks to HTML and JavaScript Sources</A>
<BR><A HREF="#PREVIOUS">Hyperlinks to Previously Created Web pages</A>
<BR><A HREF="#FONTS">Fancy Fonts</A>
<BR><A HREF="#PICTURES"> Perfect Pictures</A>
<BR>Orderly TablesExtraprdinary Extras

<P><H2><A NAME="POWERFUL">Powerful Lines</A></H2></P>

A Horizontal rule tag 50% wide and 10 increments high.
<HR WIDTH="50%" SIZE=10>

A Horizontal rule tag 25% wide and 20 increments high.
<HR WIDTH="25%" SIZE=20>

A Horizontal rule tag 10% wide and 30 increments high.
<HR WIDTH="10%" SIZE=30>

A Horizontal Rule tag without attributes and values.

<P><H2><A NAME="HYPERLINKS"> Hyperlinks to HTML and JavaScript Sources</A></H2></P>

<BR><A HREF="">Microsoft</A>
<BR><A HREF="">Netscape</A>
<BR><A HREF="">Sun Microsystem</A>
<BR><A HREF="">Oracle</A>

<P><H2><A NAME="#PREVIOUS"> Hyperlinks to Previously Created Web pages</A></H2></P>

<BR><A HREF="One.html">One</A>
<BR><A HREF="Two.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Three.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Four.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Five.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Six.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Seven.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Eight.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Nine.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Ten.html"></A>
<BR><A HREF="Eleven.html"></A>

<P><H2><A NAME="FONTS"> Fancy Fonts</A></H2></P>

<BR><FONT FACE=HELVETICA SIZE=4 COLOR=RED> This is Helvetica font at Size 4></FONT>
<BR><FONT FACE=TIMES SIZE=6 COLOR GREEN> This is Times font at Size 6</FONT>
<BR><FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=8 COLOR=ORANGE> This is Arial font at Size 8</FONT>
<BR><FONT FACE=COURIER SIZE=2 COLOR BLACK> This is Courier font at Size 2</FONT>

<P><H2><A NAME="PICTURES">Perfect Pictures

<P><IMG SRC="levy.gif" ALIGN=RIGHT HEIGHT=50 Widht=50></P>

<IMG SRC="levi.gif" HEIGHT=100 WIDTH=100>
<IMG SRC="levi.gif" HEIGHT=150 WIDTH=150>
<IMG SRC="levi.gif" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=200>

<P><IMG SRC="levi.gif" HEIGHT=150 WIDTH=150></P>
<P><IMG SRC="levi.gif" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=200></P>


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