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cleaning sicknessPerjantai 17.03.2006 17:00

What do you do when you live together with a person who has to clean all the time allways! I'm not like that, i like it when i know where my things are, why put something away in a box when you use it everyday? And she doesn't understan or accept that i'm not a cleaning freak! Everyday she nags about it everyday all the time why do i have to change myself totaly instead of that both of us could change a littlebit and meet somwere in the middle? NO cause as long as i live under her roof i have to follow her freaky rules! :( And there is NO chanse that i could moove, 'cause here in sweden we don't have the same system, we cannot get as high student grant as you people in finland. We get 200€ maximum, if we want more we have to take a loan. And if we want the social grant (i don't know what it's called in english, SOS bidrag it's in swedish) you have to be a drug addict or something simmilar...:( I'm doomed!!!! Stuck with a cleaning addict!

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