[Ei aihetta]Torstai 16.07.2009 02:23

As I walked through 5th ward, I saw this man
He was kind, but he was blind, I snatched his jewelry and ran
I caught up with box and said, "i think its worth a grand"
He smiled and he giggled and he shook my hand
We tried to pawn it in to haveg some for fare for the jam
He said, "its fake", and I said "what? ", he said "im sorry", I said "damn!"
My mama threw me out, I called my sister a whore
Now my house is abandoned, my bed is the floor
Its been a week I didnt need, I couldnt take it no more
Saw my teacher miss elaine at the grocery store
I waited by her car, she asked: "why arent you in school? "
Put my gun up to her head and said, "get in, you old fool"
She offered her keys, cried and said, "please!"
She promised not to tell and give me as and bs
I said, "i want your money, grub, and all I can sell"
I looked into her eyes and she was scared as hell
I knew she was a snitch, I beat her down with my gun
Got happy with the trigger, now Im on the run

Now Im just what you expected, a runner out on bail
Hustlin is my job, and Im paid well
Im used to makin money fast, beaucoup cash
Try to cheat me and beat me, my boss is bossin your ass
Once lived sheila, yeah, I meant to kill her
Her teeth was big and gappy, so I called her godzilla
She planned for a party, she said "bring everybody"
No jive, when we arrived we saw dectective ray mccarthy
He started haul-assin, my fila came unfastened
I fell and went to jail and came back as an assassin
First I start rollin, my pockets started swollin
Havin green is havin power, and you know what I was sellin
Now sheila was addicted, her face looked reflicted
I caught her sellin ass, then and there I shouldve kicked it
I drove up to her corner and gave her a grin
Asked, "how much? ", she said, "20", I said, "bet", she got in
I drove her to a spot that was quiet and dark
Yo yo, turned out the lights and found a place to park
Now I knew the girl was ready, she started gettin sweaty
But all was in my head was kill the bitch like freddy
I dug between the chair, and whipped out the machete
She screamed, I sliced her up until her guts were like spaghetti
A maniac, I stabbed the girl in her tits
And to stop her nerves from jumpin I just cut her to bits
An assassin

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