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DecemberMaanantai 03.12.2007 00:03

Just realized that. Haha I'm so blonde sometimes! Haha 2 days where just like a haze. HAHA Guess that's just what happens to me on the weekends. I become a ghost of myself. This is me! A shade of something bigger. Not one whole person. Just parts of one.
Just as a broken heart can be healed. It just takes the right amount of plasters. But what if some pieces disappear? Can the plastered heart be counted as one whole? Or is it forever broken?
Well I just feel like I'm pieces in the weekends and then sometimes I get some plasters on the weeks. Nobody actually knows how many is needed though. Nobody has enough. And so I'm broken. Or am I? Well, Peter knows. Almost. He's plasterbox is never empty. But he hasn't found those last pieces. Even though he's trying. I don't know if anyone will find them. Maybe they went with Brorsan. Maybe they where meant to.
Well, enough philosophy for one sunday night.

Need to go get some alcohole or something to numb of my mind. HAHAHA! Create some new pieces!

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