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School....Keskiviikko 12.12.2007 22:05

Oh my God. I'm so sick right now. I've never had a flu like this one. Or ehm. Maybe I have. I don't know... Anyways I'm like so tired and cold because of this. It's crazy. I've been like basically shaking all day. And it's not even that cold outside.
Well anyway that wasn't what I was gonna write about...
I was in school today (first day this week) and well the first graders where having their annual "christmas show". Now you all have to understand that the "christmas show" has nothing what so ever to do with christmas. I mean it's just a random show that's like at christmas. Very random but that's the name of it. Well the whole red thread thing in this show is that all the music studants get to work together. The bands are put together with rapers, soul-types AND rockers (imagine all the fights that we had when we did it) and well then the music producer types get to make like videos and stuff for the rest of us. It was a lot of fun but MAN it was like so annoying to have to be with all the fucking idiot-soul-drama-queens. Well anyways, enough of that. The first graders this year had the first of the two shows (there are so many people in the classes that well we had to devide it up to two shows!) today. It sucked.
It was so fucking bad that I was like falling asleep in the middle of it. Haha The singers could NOT hit the right notes and well it was just bad. Most of the rappers where like totaly awful. You know it was like "I would rap better than you, bitch"... Well anyways it was nice to watch. It was ehm funny!?!?!?! Hahaha

I was just thinking about myself. Was I really THAT bad on my first show in the school? I mean the only people that actually rocked where like the drummers. Was it the same thing with us? Well I guess I'll never know!

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