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Is there life after death?

Some people think there's life after death. There are many forms of life after death that diferent groups of people believe. In Christianity dumb people believe that if they believe in Jesus and God they will get eternal life in Heaven. If they don't, they will get a similiar kind of shitty life in Hell.

Then there are all the other religious idiots like Muslims, Jews and Buddhans who believe in eternal life, transmigration of souls or some kind of resurrection. This miserable group of people are so weak that they have to believe in some bullshit that someone else has made up in his little corrupted and pathetic mind

So as you can see from my former writing I think that eternal life, transmigration of souls and everything attached to that is bullshit. I pity people that still believe in such conservative and oldish way of life. There is no life after death!

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Ok, you made your point, but instead of using aggressive, offensive language you would give reasons why there can't be any form of afterlife. You English is fluent, but your style is quite not appropriate.

Niin ja tosiaan onnistuin saamaan tosta vielä 85/99 pistettä :D

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