Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.


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Your memory will carry on, we'll carry onSunnuntai 25.11.2012 01:31

oh god sweet lord letoLauantai 24.11.2012 21:56

make me happy...Sunnuntai 11.11.2012 02:49

HeroesKeskiviikko 24.10.2012 23:16

One of my biggest inspirations

ReasonTorstai 18.10.2012 03:04

make your dreams your realityLauantai 11.08.2012 17:48

The biggest breakthrough is right around the corner. And I’ve always found that to be true. Whenever I thought that things wouldn’t happen or I should give up, I put one foot in front of the fucking other and I kept pushing and eventually something happened.❞
— - Jared Leto

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