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>Tiistai 04.08.2009 19:41

I'll be coming home again to you, love
And till the day I do, love
P.S. I love you
You, you, you

As I write this letter
Send my love to you
Remember that I'll always
Be in love with you

Treasure these few words till we're together
Keep all my love forever
P.S. I love you
You, you, you

hAAATiistai 28.07.2009 20:57

tääällä kajaanissa ollaan <33<3<3 marin on ihana ja oltii tänää kapes XDD mari vöhö innostu ostelee kaikkeeee 8---DDDDDDDDDDDDD

<3333Maanantai 27.07.2009 22:59

meeeeeen kajanii marin luo !<3333

!Maanantai 27.07.2009 17:37

hihihh naapuriss on hot työmies ;)

<3Lauantai 25.07.2009 22:30

You say our love
Is like dynamite
Open your eyes
'Cause it's like fire and ice
Well you're killing me
Your love's a guillotine
Why don't you just set me free

Too young to fall in love

Run for the hills
We're both sinners and saints
Not a woman, but a whore
I can just taste the hate
Well now I'm killing you
Watch your face turning blue
Not yet a man
Just a punk in the street

o.oLauantai 25.07.2009 01:10

voi perse
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