...Maanantai 16.06.2008 19:25

A couple years ago,
i made a promise,
i thought i would keep,
i never knew how hard it would be,
to break a promise.
Is like breaking someone's trust,
that they have in you,
and to break someone's trust,
is like ruining the whole friendship
trust me ruinig a friendship is the last thing you want.

we had trust, but i blew it
i said things i didn't mean
said i'd do things i had no intention of doing
but intentions don't matter when trust has been smashed.
Words can hurt even without actions
but can my actions repair
the hurt done by my words.

Before you i was sad and dejected
with you, i almost started to smile
because of you, broken my picture
trust me, i've been here.
I want to say i'm sorry
I want to show you i'm sorry
I want to regain your trust
I want you

I knew the truth about me
without any facts
I knew things would turn
bad luck always comes back
i fell for the lies
thinking someone could care about me
still i didn't feel right
untill things become clear

I let myself fall,
trust me,
nobodys loves me at all,
the worst is over now,
i make myself bleed,
my mood doesn't let me feel pain,
but blood is everywhere, just like rain...

Look at those spiteful, envy-filled eyes.
Filthy, pale-skinned, foreign and your perfect smile.
Goddamn, what i woulden't give for a smile like that.

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