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Go hard .!Maanantai 01.06.2009 03:48

If you could you would get rid of me
what you gonna do when a nigga got to go hard
but i wont let you get to me
you should already figure imma go hard
if you were as real as me
you would never let another nigga step in yo yard
makin money aint shit to me
this in my veins and it gets to my heart
so i am, i will , i gots to go
you got another way to live you gots to go hard
i am gettin it in until the end i got to go, go, go , go hard

i aint ever been scurred
never been a type to bite my words
when i came up ya'll gave me shit
now im finna make ya'll eat them turds
always said what the fuck i felt
gon head spit that murder i wrote
man i dont care what what you felt fuck you nigga i know im dope
dope like im comin to get my all
felt like i had to play the fly on the wall
felt like niggas was stuntin on me
funny how im flyer then them all
now im at the top aint know where to go now
instead of me she gon go down
maybe i would of slowed down if i knew what i know now
im scooby i know im dumb
it cud get fuckin old but its good im young
but my heart get cold as the hood im from
tell me what it take to be numba one
i guess its gon be what its gon be
but heres one thing ya'll got to hear
imma tell you like george bush told me
fuck ya'll niggas im out of here

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