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PART 1: About You.
When I’m nervous: My heart beats fast, my stomach makes funny noices, my breath is heavy.
Were you a planned baby? I hope so.
Were you the first child? For my mum, yes.

PART 2: Your Personality
Do you have low self esteem? Usually.
Do you get depressed about things easily? Yes.
Are you happy right now? Kinda.

PART 3: Appearance

Are you comfortable with the way you look? Usually not.
Describe your hair: orange, dry, big.

PART 4: The Outdoors

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? I like both but I'm more indoors person.
Do you like walking in the rain?: Yeah

PART 5:Food
Are you a vegetarian? No, but I would like to be.
Anything you absolutely could eat forever: Bread.
What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream.

PART 6: Relationships And Love

Do you want to get married? Somehow I don't see it coming.
Are you happy with the person your with?: Single and not happy about it.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Maaybe.
Does Somebody You know Fancy you? No.
Would you date the same person twice? If I love the person then yes.

PART 7: Random Questions
1. Where is your cell phone?: On the desk in front of me
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Peter Doherty jkjk
5. Cheesecake?: lemon cheesecake nomnom
7. Your dream last night? I was at club with Maria in London and I met Peter and Carl and Maria was wasted as fuck and I just stared at Peter and mumbled something silly and got drunk as hell :
D and The Libertines were playing!
8. Your favorite drink? Tea
9. Car you want?: I'm not a car person.
10. The room you’re in?: "The computer room" :-D
12. Your fears:? loneliness, losing someone who I care 'bout, darkness.
13. Nipple rings?: I want one..... :D
17. One of your wish list items: new phone/ipod
18. Where did you grow up?: Helsinki and Vaasa
20. What are you wearing? Stockings and dress.
21. Tattoos? Not yet.
22. Ketchup?: Yum.
23. Your computer:? Wanker.
24. Your life?: Utterly boring.
25. Your mood?: Strange.
26. Missing?: Yes.
27. What are you thinking about right now? About the music that I'm listening to.
28. Your car is? I has none.
33. When is the last time you laughed an awful lot? Today.
34. Last time you cried? Not so long a go.
35: school? Not finished. Booriiing.
36. Last text?: Um. Justus.
37. Last received call? Mum.
38. Your 17th missed call? Nico.
39. The oldest message in ur inbox : dunno
40. Last person who made u feel good about urself: Ummm.
41: Last person who hugged you? Justus.
42. Do you want sumbody u cant have? I think everybody does?
43.Your most over used phrase atm:? I don't think about these things D:
44. If you had one wish now what would it be? Omg so many. England in the 60's.
45. Are you fun to be with? Well.....
46.Whats ur party trick? I don't go to parties.
47. What are you doing now? This and listening music.
48. Last thing you ate? "Karjalan piirakka" D:D:
49: Most important thing in your life? mates, music, freedom, dreams, love.
50: Anything to say before you go? Don't forget my cigarettes and get something that we can drink.

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