sullon ihanat nää.

sinkku niinku Samantha JonesSunnuntai 20.10.2013 00:50

God it's been so long

Since we tried to get along

So many things we're left unsaid

That's why I found myself today

I'm wondering how you feel

Do you ever think of me

When you're touching someone else?

: )Torstai 10.10.2013 20:17


-Keskiviikko 31.07.2013 21:17

I like it when I'm talking to you,

Because for at least

A few minutes, or hours, or days

I can forget that I'm not okay.

jeePerjantai 19.07.2013 03:20

Miks en oo normaali?Maanantai 15.07.2013 04:50

voi vauvvvvvvaSunnuntai 23.06.2013 04:07


Keskiviikko 19.06.2013 22:52

-Torstai 09.05.2013 20:00