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TerraMaanantai 19.09.2016 00:57

Since the man first existed, the history of life has been shaped by his consciousness. Reconsidering the life around us, renewing our attentiveness and respect towards other living beings can still change a great many things.
If I can learn to live in harmony with the nature again, I shall once more become human, for myself, for my fellows and it is my own species that I will protect.
Wild doesn't mean barbaric. Wild isn't contrary to civilization. Wild just means living in nature.
Defending wise forest is a little like defending my own history, my planet, my very home.
The more I observe the wild world, the more I understand: it is the beacon I have lost sight of along my way.
This love for other living beings is within me... It speaks to the soul of the kid I once was. It resounds in my heart when I feel the emptiness of death. So let me open my eyes to the world and see it with respect.

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