I don't need to be touched by you

Enjoy the ugly life.Torstai 22.11.2007 10:37

You should think again,
life's not fair and it does hurt.
But don't tell me that you're life sucks.
Don't tell me that you can't go on.

You should see mine, so you'd shut up about giving up.
Honey I'm sorry, I survived, I'm still here,
I made it trough, so I'm not gonna fall again,
Even though this is getting ugly.

You gotta hold on, to the things you got,
you gotta learn to appreciate what you got,
while you still got it.
You gotta live your life,
like you enjoy it while it's getting ugly.

So this time, I'm not gonna fall apart,
even though I could and life thinks I should.

(c) booberry

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