Dear Diary,

This is not surprise to me, Moonika is going to crazy (very scary). She laugh all the time and look at me like a big perv. And she say all the time “Say hello to my little friend”… very very scary. Maybe she have some illegal medicine, what she use all the day. She doesn´t sleep very well nowadays. She just look at Yaoi at computer. And she drooling same time when she watch that. Or she drooling Jared Leto. Hmm. This is not normal. Maybe she is in love?

Jonna is very scary too. Today she just speaking his boyfriend who talking to computer. And she laugh all the time too. Maybe she drink too much Coca-Cola? Or maybe she just smoking too much? I don´t know. (And maybe I don´t want know..) What the hell is wrong? I just feel I am normal person.

And now Moonika write some shit. (“Eeva need some professional help.She have to stop lying to herself and blaa blaa blaa”) Holy shit.

Moonika doesn´t found her whiskey glass. She thinks she is “crazy writer”. And Jonna says her boyfriend is impotent. Hmm.. Maybe I go to sleep.


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